11 Kids’ bedroom design ideas to try in 2024

Kids’ bedroom design ideas can be funky, cute, creative, and bright. It is a lovely experience to turn a child’s bedroom into a magical place, where they can dream, play, and grow. Wall art is a huge part of this change as it lets a child’s imagination come to life.

A colorful mural of a child’s favorite fantasy land or wall art with textures they can interact with can turn a simple room into a world full of surprises. Including one’s child’s wishes in the design of the room will help them feel like they belong and also help them develop a sense of identity. The right wall art can transform a simple room into a safe place where kids feel loved and understood.

While going through kids’ bedroom design ideas, one should try to choose elements that capture the boundless energy and creativity of childhood. From pastel landscapes and neon signage to bold prints, the design of a child’s room is a reflection of who they are.

Kids’ bedroom design ideas for 2024

While exploring kids’ bedroom design ideas it is important to note that one must pick elements that seamlessly blend fun, functionality, safety, and creativity. Decorating a child’s room is about creating a space that is both inspiring and comforting for them.

  • Add an accent color
  • Confetti-style walls for a burst of joy
  • Comforting florals patterns
  • Trendy neon signage
  • A forest-themed adventure
  • Dreamland awaits with canopy beds
  • Shared spaces
  • Bedding and soft furnishing
  • Wall niches
  • Bed placement
  • A cool retreat with frosty blue and grey hues

1) Add an accent color

Adding color to the room is a great idea for kids' bedroom design (Image via Freepik)
Adding color to the room is a great idea for kids’ bedroom design (Image via Freepik)

An accent wall can dramatically alter the look of a room without making one feel overwhelmed. For example, a soft, pastel blue wall could give the room a serene yet playful atmosphere. One could also incorporate a child’s favorite piece of art, a massive graphic print, or even a chalkboard wall to encourage creativity.

This not only adds personality and life to the room but also creates an inviting atmosphere.

2) Confetti-style walls for a burst of joy

One can take their kids' bedroom design to a notch with confetti walls (Image via Freepik)
One can take their kids’ bedroom design to a notch with confetti walls (Image via Freepik)

Confetti walls are all about celebration and happiness, perfect for a child’s bedroom. To avoid the mess of using actual confetti, individuals can pick out wallpaper with tiny, colorful patterns that instantly elevate a child’s mood every time they enter the room.

It’s like having a birthday party in their room on a daily basis while encouraging a lively spirit and a positive start to their day.

3) Comforting florals patterns

Floral designs allow individuals to experience the outdoors while staying in the comfort of their homes, making the space feel calm and peaceful.

Adding soft, rose-colored furniture in a bedroom with pretty floral wallpaper can make children feel like they are enjoying their time in a garden. One can also add wood to a room to make it feel cozy and allow children to stay connected to nature at all times.

4) Trendy neon signage

Apart from being one of the most trendy designs, neon signs are also a strong way to say something and make a statement. When it comes to kids’ bedroom design, it is important to ensure that their space is a reflection of their personality. Hence, one can opt for lights in the shape of their favorite animals and cartoon characters, or they can opt for a neon light that spells out their name or a quote.

This gives the room a modern look and can be used as a fun nightlight as well.

5) A forest-themed adventure

One can bring a hint of adventure indoors with a forest-themed kids’ bedroom design. This could include a mural of towering trees, a tent, and plush animal friends to accompany children on their exciting journey.

This theme encourages imaginative play and a love for the outdoors, making every day an exploration.

6) Dreamland awaits with canopy beds

Canopy beds can be one of the best ideas to add a bit of fun to kids’ bedroom design. A canopy bed transforms life into a fairytale. Draped with lights and comfortable fabric, it creates a cozy nook that feels like a personal hideaway.

7) Shared spaces

Creative solutions can be employed for siblings who share a room. Bunk beds with individual curtains for privacy or a large, segmented desk for homework and crafts, can add a hint of fun to one’s room.

One can also have designated spaces in the room for each child, which can help them feel at home while staying true to themselves and fostering a bond.

8) Bedding and soft furnishing

Sometimes, it’s the small changes in the kids’ bedroom design can make the biggest difference.

Vibrant bedding, plush pillows, and fun rugs can transform a room without the hassle of a complete redesign. These elements add layers of texture, color, and comfort, making the room a canvas for their personality.

9) Wall niches

Wall niches offer a unique way to display children’s treasures, whether it’s a collection of action figures or their favorite books. It’s a design element that combines functionality with aesthetics, creating a space where individuals’ passions are not just accommodated but celebrated.

10) Bed placement

Letting the sun gently wake up one’s child in the morning can make the day less stressful.

Placing the bed next to a window allows children to wake up with natural light and also helps regulate their sleep cycle. This method helps the body wake up naturally, making morning alarms less of a hassle.

11) A cool retreat with frosty blue and grey hues

Frosty blues can be one of the best hues for kids’ bedrooms. Individuals can turn their child’s bedroom into a peaceful arctic haven with hints of frosty blue and gray, and add soft textures that look like snow to enhance their experience.

This theme helps children get away from the stress of everyday life and transports them to the dream world of icy landscapes. Adding things like a faux fur rug or snowflake decals can make the space even more unique and creative.

Kids’ bedroom design in 2024 is all about creativity, freedom, and inspiration. One can look for different themes, colors, and natural elements to make their child’s bedrooms more comforting and energizing. A child’s room is a safe space, where they can dream, play, and grow. The goal is to make a bedroom that they’ll love now and in the years to come.

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