30 Bathroom Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Space

In some rooms, dim lighting can make a statement. In the dining room, it can set the mood for an intimate meal and in the bedroom, low lighting can take you seamlessly from day to night. There’s no rhyme or reason however, for a poorly lit bathroom.

Bad bathroom lighting can put a damper on even the prettiest of powder rooms, but the right light can make a bathroom feel spacious and clean. A dingy bathroom can also get in the way of the room’s function too. Without bright lights, morning beauty routines may go astray. Yes, this is one room in the house that you definitely want light and bright to make the bathroom feel spacious and clean. Especially if you do your makeup in the bathroom every day, be sure to have lighting that best supports your routine. In addition to having bright powerful lights, bathrooms deserve a pretty fixture to be proud of. Checking the boxes for both beauty and function, here’s our favorite bathroom lighting inspiration.

Mirror Framing


Matching lights places proportionately on either side of the bathroom mirror is an attractive and classic way to dress up the room. This idea will keep your vanity space bright and good-looking.


Photo Laurey W. Glenn / Styling Matthew Gleason

There’s no need to reserve a chandelier for more formal rooms of the house. A grand bathroom chandelier is bold and beautiful, transforming the room into a place of grace and leisure.

Stay On Task

Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Liz Strong

Incorporate multiple sources of light to suit all the different functions of your bathroom. Here, both vanities are well lit and the tub is also illuminated by an over-head light and sun through the wide window.


Courtesy of Peter Spaulding, Photography by Kelley Kish

The cousin to the shaded sconce, these down-turned sconces make a statement. Their skirted look looks especially lovely paired with a skirted bathroom sink.

Over-Tub Light

Dane Tashima; Styling by Raina Kattelson

Hang a light smack-dab over the center of the tub to cement your bath’s place as the focal point of the room. From chandeliers to lantern lights, this positioning is promising.


Laurey W. Glenn

Even with an abundance of light fixtures, a windowless bathroom may feel lacking. Here, a skylight gorgeously ushers in natural light from above.

Matching Metals

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

A cohesive bathroom design can be made by coordinating the metals throughout. Decorate your light fixture, towel rings, faucet, and hardware in the same material for cohesion.


Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Embrace symmetry for a prim and put-together bathroom. In this case, light fixtures are arranged cleanly and evenly across walls.


Laurey W. Glenn

Traditional lightbulbs are properly pleasing, but swapping them out for a candle display adds a charming layer of interest. These candle sconces are ornate and beautiful in an otherwise simple bathroom.


Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Kathryn Lott

Make a statement with hanging pendant lights similar to what you may see in the dining or living rooms. If your bathroom ceilings are tall enough to accommodate them, pendant lights will elevate the room to new heights.

Double The Sinks, Double The Lights

Courtesy of Jennifer Barron Interiors

In line with the trick of framing your mirror by light fixtures, it only follows that more mirrors should mean more lights. In a bathroom with double sinks, each one may be given the bright, double light treatment.

Antique Fixture

Alison Gootee

Infuse any bathroom with instant character and charm by using an antique or vintage light fixture. One like this would suit a powder room that’s wallpapered to the nines, or a simple and sleek primary bath as pictured.

Up High

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Rather than framing the mirror or dangling low, another amazing option is to hoist your lights up high. This choice may be especially nice complemented by natural light flowing in through a window.

Triple Threat

Courtesy of Miretta Interiors, Photography by Dustin Peck

Hang lights in even pairs, or opt for an intriguing odd number. A set of three lovely lights is a simple, easy way to make a strong impression.

Adjustable Sconces

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Sconces that can be moved around as needed are a handy addition to any room where light desires are ever-changing. This may include shared bathrooms, guest baths, and spaces where the natural light fluctuates greatly.

Play With Pattern

Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Take advantage of shaded sconces or lamp shades in the bathroom to mix in another pattern to your bathroom’s color scheme. Don’t be afraid to use additional patterns even if you have commotion in your wallpaper or bathroom linens.

Small Space Sconces

Courtesy of Rachel Cannon Limited Interiors, Photography by Haylei Smith

When working with a narrow bathroom where saving space is a priority, play around with placement to find what works in your space. Sconces that are flush to the wall, like these, are also stellar ways to conserve a few inches.


Courtesy of Allison Knizek Design, Photographer Erika Bierman

Rather than a pairing or trio of sconces, embrace one, powerful source. A shining spotlight is chic and simply gorgeous.

Picture Light

Courtesy of Peltier Interiors, Photography by Andrew Bui

A long light parallel to the top of the mirror is reminiscent of a gallery-style light placed to accentuate a piece of art. Your mirror, and the reflection you see in it, deserve the same museum-quality treatment.

Statement Maker

Courtesy of Peltier Interiors, Photography by Bethany Nauert

Instead of lights that blur into the background and are solely functional, embrace a fixture that also focuses on beauty. A bold, metallic light like this one is eye-catching enough to compete with such a wonderful wallpaper.

Linear Sconces

Courtesy of Arditi Design, Photography by Claire Esparros

Scale a sophisticated, long sconce to suit your bathroom mirror. One longer than the mirror may seem disproportionate.

Timeless Fixtures

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Absolutely lovely twin sconces grace the wall above this freestanding vanity. Choose light fixtures that are simple and elegant to guarantee that you will love them long time, even as you upgrade and redecorate other elements over time.

Simple Twists

Photo: Anna Routh Barzin Styling: Kendra Surface

Slight variations on classic light fixtures can make a big difference. Here, a swooping curve extending traditional shaded sconces elevates the fixture’s silhouette attractively.

Recessed Lights

House of One/Mike Ruiz

Instead of using sconces or hanging lights which all take up space, recessed lights require no additional room to spare. Place these hidden lights strategically to illuminate areas as needed, or use them in addition to other lighting options.

Appealing Mount

Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

In addition to an attractive silhouette and possibly a shade, a sconce mount is ample opportunity to incorporate interest. Scalloped edges make these simple, white sconces appear dainty and stylish.

Mix And Match

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Multiple sources of light, such as a combination of overhead lighting, sconces, and lamps, create an appealing, layered light scheme and is highly encouraged by many designers. When using this strategy, find cohesive fixtures from the same collection, or choose a dynamic combination that are all a little different.


Courtesy of Rumor Designs, Photography by David Patterson

A sconce or chandelier dripping with ornamentals offers alternative design appeal than those with a shade. In this case, the result is bohemian charm, but a fixture with cascading crystals will have a different look all together.

Natural Materials


For a breezy, spa-like retreat, natural materials like zellige tile, wood, and natural stone are a go-to. Here, the sconces are a lovely woven, textured material and brass combination that radiate natural beauty.

Stick To A Color Scheme

Photo: Linny Morris; Stylist: Sunday Hendrickson

This bathroom is light green through and through. From the Moroccan tiles to the green tub and flecks of the color in the chandelier, this space is cohesive, calming, and beautiful.

Shaded Sconces

Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Southerners love a good shaded sconce in every room in the house, the bathroom is no exception. Hang a pretty shade from mounted sconces to prove that you’ll never tire of this lighting design staple.

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