31 Guest Room Ideas That Will Wow Your Visitors

When it comes to designing a beautiful bedroom for guests, comfort is key. Guest room ideas should allow for a welcoming space that combines the amenities of a hotel with the intimacy and charm of a home. To create an inviting design, consider the essentials for any road-weary traveler: a luxurious bed, a chair for reading or making phone calls, and those frequently forgotten items such as phone chargers and toiletries. The guest room is also the perfect spot to experiment with decor trends that you like but might not want to live with every day in your own bedroom—think bold wall treatments, bright colors, and twin beds. These gorgeous spaces featured by AD offer decor ideas from top designers including Miles Redd, Sig Bergamin, and Anouska Hempel. Create a room with these guest bedroom ideas and your visitors won’t ever want to leave.

How do I style my guest room?

When figuring out how to style your guest room, consider who your guests tend to be. Do you often have guests stay for just a night or two, or do you have family members come stay for months at a time? As simple as it might seem, decorating for overnight guests lends itself to more dramatic, fun design choices, while you should think more utilitarian for monthslong guests.

If you tend to only have guests over in certain pockets of the year (think in the summertime or holiday season), consider ways to make it more functional year round for yourself too. Picking a Murphy bed or daybed can allow your guest room to more easily pull double duty by saving room for workout equipment, a home office set up, or art equipment.

How do you make a guest room look like a hotel?

Consider what you love about hotel rooms. It probably boils down to a few specific details: comfortable bedding, a defined seating area, and a lack of clutter. Try to recreate these elements in your guest room, then consider smaller details too—things like bedside sconces or a folding luggage rack if you want to totally commit to the hotel room vibe.

How to decorate a spare guest room?

While you’re probably used to decorating just for your own needs, or the needs of your immediate family members, in the rest of your home, coming up with spare bedroom ideas is an exercise in anticipating the needs of guests. Just as you’d attempt to see to your visitors’s needs at a dinner party, the best feeling when hosting an overnight guest is to have all of their needs attended to before they even consider them. Small details like blackout curtains, a bedside table lamp, and empty drawers or shelves for them to store their clothes in can combine to a pleasurable experience for your guest and the satisfaction of a hosting job well done for yourself. Read on for more specific guest room ideas.

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