33 Trendy Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Your bathroom is a sacred space that you might use to freshen up, get lost in your thoughts, and find a moment of peace. It is probably one of the most frequented rooms in your house. That is why it deserves as much attention as the other spaces. You can revamp it by adding creative wallpaper in a bathroom to make it look fun, inviting, or calming.

Image credits: Photography by Grace Kelly.

Wallpaper for bathrooms is an easy and cost-effective way to introduce color, patterns, and texture to the space. There are so many wallpaper designs that you won’t have trouble picking one that matches your style. 

Putting wallpaper in bathrooms is one way to transform a dull surface into something beautiful apart from other wall decor ideas. That’s why we have put together an extensive bathroom wallpaper list to help you create the perfect space. We have also included some expert insights from Shivalee Ghadi, an interior designer and the founder of Speaking Spaces. Before that, let’s look at the advantages of this decor choice.

Benefits of Adding Wallpaper to a Bathroom Wall

  • It is easy to install and does not take much time
  • Wallpaper conceals imperfections on the wall
  • It can protect walls from moisture
  • It is a way to add character and dimension to an otherwise dull surface
  • Wallpaper can last three times longer than paint
  • It comes in a greater range of options than paint
  • In case children draw on the wallpaper, it is easier to clean

Many beautiful bathroom wallpaper ideas are out there, and you should know what you want before looking at these options. Here are some things you can keep an eye out for.

Essential Things to Consider Before Trying These Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

The suitable wallpaper in your bathroom can elevate your mood and make this room feel like a comfortable space for yourself and your guests. 

1. Pick the Right Type of Wallpaper for Bathrooms

You must choose a suitable wallpaper based on your desired application. Consider the humidity levels for potential moisture exposure. If you don’t have good ventilation, choose waterproof wallpaper for the bathroom. 

Peel-and-stick wallpaper for the bathroom is the easiest and best option for renters. It might not work well in places where the bathroom’s wall gets too damp. You can use traditional or vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom since they are more durable. Vinyl wallpaper can mimic the look of fabric or grass cloth, adding style to your restroom. 

New wallpaper styles also come in various finishes, like matte, semi-matte, and glossy. Glossy sheens are easier to clean and can be scrubbed out of these three.

Image credits: Photography by Architekt Wnętrz Projekty Wnętrz Ilona Sztorc.

2. Factor in Drying Times When Adding Wallpaper

Consider the drying time and the adhesive used when using wallpaper in a bathroom. If you use paste-based adhesives, give it enough time to dry before exposing it to water. If the drying time is insufficient, the wallpaper will bubble up and get damaged. 

If mold may grow due to high humidity, then opt for antifungal paper coating. The right wallpaper can complement your other creative home decor ideas so that you can set up the home of your dreams.

3. Understand the Effect of Air Circulation on Wallpaper in the Bathroom

You need to understand whether your bathroom has enough air circulation or ventilation. Since these spaces are exposed to a lot of moisture, you need to know how damp the bathroom walls can get. If you want to use wallpaper that doesn’t respond well to moisture, consider adding an exhaust fan or opening your bathroom windows.

“It is ideal to use wallpaper in powder bathrooms or dry areas of the bathroom, like the wall above the sink. It is advisable to use wallpaper that is water and moisture-resistant. Vinyl wallpapers work best for such areas,” says Shivalee Ghadi.

4. Prepare the Bathroom Wall

Give your bathroom a once over before putting up the wallpaper. Make sure there aren’t any blemishes or damaged surfaces. Get the surfaces ready and repair damage like filling holes or dents. When you are putting the wallpaper, the application process should be smooth so that the wallpaper can get a good seal. 

5. Order Extra Wallpaper Design

Only start wallpapering your bathroom after getting extra material. If you start the process and run out in between, you might not be lucky enough to find the same pattern or design later. Sometimes, the same wallpaper color and pattern might not be in stock, and you don’t want to have only half the bathroom done. Be prepared before you add wallpaper to a bathroom.

6. Pick Decorating Ideas Based on the Bathroom Size

Choose your wallpaper bathroom ideas based on the size of your space. “A wallpaper with calming graphics and cool tones can be used to decorate a small bathroom considering the space limitation. Bathrooms are private areas; hence, it’s important to decorate them in a way that speaks to yourself but at the same time has a soothing ambiance,” says Shivalee.

Quirky wallpaper or wild patterns are best for powder rooms or small bathrooms because they make the space feel enormous. Keep things simple or monochromatic in large bathrooms with more visual competition.

Now that you have a better idea of how to set up wallpaper in the bathroom, you can choose from the different types available.

Image credits: Photography by Lauren Griffith Interiors.

Types of Bathroom Wallpapers

There are four unique wallpaper styles you can pick from. Here are some characteristics of each:

1. Vinyl Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by KMD Designs.

It is the most versatile wallcover and is easy to install. You can apply it smoothly with a damp cloth. These are some of the best wallpapers when it comes to durability. They are also impact and stain-resistant, making them an excellent bathroom choice.

2. Grasscloth Texture Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Heather Chadduck Hillegas.

Grasscloth is a wallpaper commonly made from arrowroot, raw jute, hemp, sisal, cork, reed, or triangle grass. The glass fibers are held together with thread and are usually hand-woven, which is why this wallpaper is costlier. 

Grasscloth is more prone to damage and requires occasional vacuuming to remove dust. When installing it, remember that you cannot get glue on it because it’s difficult to clean. This organic wallpaper can give your bathroom an elegant touch. 

3. Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by LILLIAN AUGUST.

This wallpaper is a great choice for people who don’t want to waste time on installation. All you have to do is to peel off the backing and stick it where you want. It becomes even easier to install if you use a wallpaper primer. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is durable, washable, and can be taken off the walls and replaced with minimal damage.

If you like the ease of peel-and-stick wallpaper, you might also enjoy using these creative wall stickers that instantly beautify any space.

4. Subtle Texture Embossed Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Nicholas Mayberry.

Flock or embossed wallpaper is a type of textured wallpaper and is an alternative to traditional options. It has a velvety texture, and the fibers are made from polyester, nylon, or rayon combined with an adhesive. You should take care when installing this wallpaper since glue can ruin its surface and cause staining. 

“It’s always advisable to see wallpapers physically in stores to get a clear idea. Wallpapers can make or break the game of a space instantly. Consider the interiors of your space, the colors, and the furniture before picking the final one. Lastly, go through as many options as possible before picking the final one,” says Shivalee.

To help you pick the best option, we have compiled a list of 33 of the best bathroom wallpaper ideas.

33 Chic Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Add one of these wallpaper designs to transform your simple bathroom into a new room. Here are the best options:

1. Muted Traditional Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by CJ ISAAC BARBE.

Simplicity is the key to this wallpaper. You can opt for muted and monochromatic styles for a traditional bathroom design. These timeless patterns are lighter and provide a fresh, airy vibe to the bathroom. They can help create a welcoming space in your restroom.

It is well known that color can affect a person’s mood. The light and muted colors can make a room feel brighter and more open. You can choose muted blues, greens, and purples to add color to the bathroom without it being too much. They are a perfect small bathroom wallpaper choice or for ones with dim lighting.

2. Dark Moody Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Carina Skrobecki Swain.

Go bold with color and give your bathroom a modern edge. Dark, moody shades are a popular design trend that can highlight other elements in your bathroom. You can pair rich dark backgrounds with decorative items such as a vanity mirror or elegant lighting.

Dark wallpaper is often overlooked when it comes to decorating ideas. But it can make an ample space feel cozy and enclosed. Stick to dark neutrals such as taupe, gray, or brown for the best effect.

3. Tile Print Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Well Made Home.

This wallpaper adds an elegant effect to the bathrooms without you having to worry about the cost of buying wall tiles. It is a budget-friendly option that can transform a bathroom by adding a sense of depth and texture to it. Unlike tiles, it does not deteriorate or discolor over time. 

It is easy to install and classy to look at. Many people want the same tile effect without having to fork over too much cash. Like this tile wallpaper, there are tile stencils that you can use to DIY any or all of the rooms in the house. 

4. Gray and White Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Yaneisy Moochnek.

A bold pattern might be trendy, but gray and white have stood the test of time. It is a timeless and elegant duo that combines simplicity and freshness. You can create a stunning look with gray-and-white wallpapers in your bathroom. 

This pattern creates a sense of striking contrast and depth in the room. Since these are two intense colors that merge seamlessly, they can make the bathroom seem clean and neat. Find the correct pattern for these colors since they come in stripes, hexagons, brush strokes, and Art Deco styles. 

5. Serene Tropical Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Karin Bohn.

Tropical wallpapered bathrooms can help bring paradise to your doorstep. Tropical prints can create a calming and peaceful environment, which is perfect for you to feel a sense of relaxation. After all, the one place you’d want to relax the most is the restroom, right?

The lush greenery and vibrant colors can transport you to a tropical paradise and relieve stress. It can add a touch of color to a neutral room and meld well with any of your design choices. This patterned wallpaper can help you instantly make a statement and transform a dull space.

6. Coastal Blue-And-White Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Christopher Patey.

Everybody longs to be at the beach and feel the soft caress of the ocean waves on their feet with the wind in their hair. What if you could experience this feeling every day with the help of a removable wallpaper? 

The coastal effect can be achieved with blue and white wallpaper reminding you of the ocean and sand. This wallpaper adds a bit of whimsy to the room and can make you feel at peace whenever you go there.

7. Nature Inspired Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Robert Peterson.

Natural elements are grounding and soothing, which makes them ideal for bathroom wallpaper. Whether it has a tree design or beautiful plants and flowers, this wallpaper will help you add pop and serenity to the restroom.

Make it a comfortable and welcoming place by adding wooden decorative pieces that can complement the nature-inspired design. Add cute house plants to bring the great outdoors into your home.

8. Floral Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by home.with.em.

Floral prints are similar to the nature-inspired style except for focusing on bright and beautiful flowers. Floral wallpapers are the best pattern to add because they instantly brighten your bathroom and make you feel like spring has arrived. 

A bright floral bathroom can be elevated by adding dark decor items. Wood outline mirrors and dark brown shelves are a great addition. Florals bring a fresh and lively vibe to whichever room they are in.

9. Bold Pattern Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Nicolette’s For The Home.

Bold wallpaper prints can help you create a tasteful modern bathroom. Pick bold patterns with different styles and motifs that best fit your interior design style. A stylish, bold aesthetic will work well with abstract and geometric shapes. 

Since bold and bright patterns are striking, they work well in smaller bathrooms because they can make any space feel bigger. Avoid getting carried away with too many bold colors, and keep the space light and fresh. 

Speaking of getting carried away, when it comes to decor, some people just don’t know when to stop. This has led to people creating weird, overly designed things that shouldn’t exist.

10. White and Gold Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by JEFF ANDREWS.

White and gold are traditionally regarded as regal and elegant. They can add a touch of glam to your bathroom and make you feel like you’re inside a jewel box. Add a few mirrors and clean white decor pieces for a modern take. This wallpaper is perfect for minimalists and people who prefer elegant designs. The white and gold effect will tie the room together effortlessly.

11. Make a Statement With Quirky Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Kelly Stone.

You can opt for exciting and outlandish wallpaper for your bathroom to bring out your artsy and creative side. It is guaranteed to make people smile and want to have another peek. There are so many quirky prints, textures, and patterns that you can use to create a fun restroom space. The sky is the limit, so don’t hesitate to bring out your inner child.

12. Animal Print Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Clarence House.

Leopard and cheetah prints are a thing of the past. People now opt for animal prints featuring actual creatures or their silhouettes. This is a cute way to create an interesting space in your house. Whether you’re thinking or daydreaming in the bathroom, you can get lost in the cuteness of these animal wallpaper prints. This wallpaper style is also great for a child’s bathroom because it’s fun to look at.

13. French-Inspired Powder Room Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Olive et Oriel.

French theme wallpaper is called Toile de Jouy, a classic pattern dating back to the 18th century. It depicts traditional scenes of the French countryside, complete with pastures, people, and animals. These idyllic prints were used to tell a story and take inspiration from tales of olden times. This vintage bathroom wallpaper can make the room feel rustic and rich with history. Today, French prints feature many more modern designs and patterns as well.

14. Textured Mural Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by SORS DECOR CENTER.

Textured or mural wallpaper is an interesting design choice. It can hide imperfections on the wall and improve the room’s shape. It creates the illusion of depth and can transform your bathroom into a sleek and spacious room. This wallpaper is eye-catching and is an excellent choice for small bathrooms. The textured dimensions will help tiny bathrooms feel much more extensive and cozier.

15. Monochromatic Modern Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Max Rahubovskiy.

Monochromatic designs can create a sense of unity and cohesion in any space. This style is always fashionable whether you have a stark white bathroom or apply other monochrome wallpapers. 

Single bold colors can make your bathroom seem more significant and draw attention to all the other decorative pieces in the room. The only downside of this design style is that it might seem bland or monotonous if it’s not done well.

16. Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Anthony Baratta.

Style your bathroom with rustic wallpaper to make it feel quaint. It combines natural elements and contemporary design. It also combines classic colors like brown, black, green, and yellow to create a charming aesthetic. 

Rustic wallpaper prompts thoughts of a cozy cottage nestled in the woods and can create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. If you like rustic or farmhouse designs, chances are you will love the cottagecore aesthetic, which is equally beautiful.

17. Embrace Whimsy With Bird Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Amy Spargo.

Similar to the animal styles, you can choose from various bird-inspired wallpapers. Take flight into the bathroom of your dreams and soar high above the clouds. These wallpapers make you feel whimsical and provide tiny pops of color in your restroom. Having such a fun and cute wallpaper design will make your bathroom an enjoyable space to visit.

18. Geometric Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Ekta Khanna Design Studio.

Geometric patterns can instantly transform your bathroom and give it a sleek and modern feel. It creates a depth of visual interest and makes the room more dynamic and engaging. This wallpaper can make you feel a sense of calm, especially in rooms with a lot of items. 

Since these patterns are pretty structured and thematic, they match well with many design pieces, especially minimalist styles. Check out these beautiful geometrical plants if geometric shapes make you feel soothed and calm.

19. Traditional Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Laura Sumrak.

Chinoiserie is characterized by exuberant decoration, asymmetry, and a focus on leisure and pleasure. Chinoiserie wallpaper is luxurious with beautiful motifs. These patterns resemble pagodas and come with floral designs and exotic imaginary scenes. This rich wallpaper can complement other decorative pieces in your bathroom and make the room look eye-catching.

20. Pastel Bathroom Wallpaper 

Image credits: Photography by Helen Ford.

Transform your small powder room with light, airy, and vibrant colors. Pastels are less saturated than other colors and are associated with calmness and peace. They have a soft look, which is easier on the eyes and will be perfect for your bathroom. Add warm or cool pastel wallpaper to create a simple and pleasing bathroom space.

21. Bring Classic Back With Tan Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Laurey Glenn.

Any interior designer will tell you that tan colors create a naturally soothing environment. Many people feel tan bathroom wallpaper might be bland, but this neutral color is demure and classy. It provides a rich, earthy feel to a room and can make you feel grounded. Once you install the tan wallpaper, combine it with luxurious dark green furniture.

22. Metallic Wallpaper for a Modern Take

Image credits: Photography by It’s My Wall.

Metallic wallpaper generally features black, white, and gold designs. These quiet colors will make your bathroom wall pop and seem sleek. Metallic designs are shiny and can make your bathroom feel lively. The vibrant texture and clean design are great for hiding blemishes and stains on the wall. Apart from wallpaper, you can also find cool metallic tile accent stencils for your wall. Use these ideas to revamp your bathroom and your house.

23. Neutral Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Libby Helgeson.

Neutral colors include beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, or white. They can complement the brighter colors in your bathroom. Combine these shades with red, blue, or green to create fun patterns. The best part about neutral wallpaper is that it won’t detract from your established decor pieces. It can add warmth and character to your room.

24. Cohesive Pattern Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by DesignCafe.

There are so many bathroom wallpaper patterns to pick from, and it can take time to choose just one. The best part is that you can select multiple designs and install them so that their patterns merge seamlessly. This will help you get the best of both worlds and create a stunning, cohesive look that will intrigue everyone.

“I would recommend wallpapers that go well with your bathroom interiors with respect to the color of tiles, flooring, etc. If possible, stick to smaller prints if your bathroom is small so that it doesn’t overpower and make the space look smaller than it is. Similarly, using cool color tones helps create a relaxing ambiance, much required before or at the end of a stressful day at work,” says Shivalee.

25. Blue and White Cloud Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Lisa Petrole.

Think of fluffy clouds floating in the sky. It’s such peaceful imagery and might make you feel like you are daydreaming. What if you could float around just like those clouds? Maybe you could decorate your bathroom with cloud wallpaper. In the one space where you think, meditate, relax, and daydream, perhaps clouds are the best option to help you get into the zone.

26. Whimsical Fish Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Cole & Son.

Something about looking at fish can make a person feel calm and at ease. Cute fish, especially, are always a point of attraction. That’s why you should consider finding a fun fish wallpaper for your bathroom. Watching these beautiful creatures might make you feel like you are in motion, swimming slowly with the tide. 

27. Relaxing Watercolor Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Will Ellis.

Watercolors are vibrant and always create a cheerful and calming ambiance. A watercolour wallpaper can add a sense of freshness and newness to your bathroom. Spruce up an old space with eye-catching watercolor designs and patterns. Check out these watercolor art pieces if you’re looking for inspiration when finding the best bathroom wallpaper.

28. Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by Kathryn Davis.

This design style was popular in the mid-20th century. People decorated their homes with simple, functional wooden pieces. This decor style is rooted in simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. It evolved in response to a post-World War II environment. A mid-century modern bathroom wallpaper should be simple and unassuming. It should seamlessly merge with the other furnishings in your bathroom.

29. Graphic Wallpaper to Add Some Pop

Image credits: Photography by Fran Lubarsky.

Graphic designs are exciting and captivating visual elements. You can use graphic design wallpaper with stunning shapes and colors to make your bathroom a luxurious space. These wallpapers are often used in hallways or living rooms since they are eye-catching and can become a topic of conversation. It is better to install this wallpaper in a small bathroom to make the space seem more expansive.

30. Maximalist Patterned Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by STEPHANIE THATENHORST.

Maximalism is a style that believes more is more. Unlike minimalism, which involves fewer items, maximalism includes lots of color, patterns, designs, and layering. It celebrates excess. You can use this idea to find a wide range of bathroom wallpapers and combine them for the best effect. 

Pick your favorite wallpapers and create a space that honors what you like. If you want maximalism design done right, here are some tips from the ‘Maximalist Design and Decor’ group.

31. Playful Wallpaper Decor

Image credits: Photography by merrickales.

This is the best way to decorate a bathroom for a kid or young adult. Get creative and go a bit crazy. Choose fun and bright wallpaper with quirky designs so children can enjoy the colors and patterns. Each wallpaper choice can be unique, with different objects, like animals, boats, and flowers, on them.

32. Minimalist Wallpaper Design

Image credits: Photography by Ryan McDonald.

You can try minimalist designs to spruce up your bathroom without making it an overwhelming space. Choose from lighter patterns and colors that provide a sense of calmness. Design your bathroom in a way that it becomes an oasis of peace. These clear, clean, flowing lines of the minimalist aesthetic will make your bathroom a wonderful, soothing sanctuary.

33. Mismatched Bathroom Wallpaper

Image credits: Photography by ASHLEY GOFORTH DESIGN.

Clashing colors and designs can create an interesting sight in your restroom. You can pair bold colors like purple and yellow or red and green to create visual contrasts that will brighten a room and combine many elements. Patterns like stripes, polka dots, diamonds, and clubs can also be used. Mixing two opposing colors or patterns might seem odd, but there is beauty in two extremes forming a story together.

Which Bathroom Wallpaper Will You Pick?

The bathroom of your dreams awaits! Once you pick from these options, you can set up a cozy home spot that reflects your personality. The best part about using wallpaper is that you can replace it whenever you want a change. This will help keep your bathroom always looking trendy and fun. Apart from wallpapers, there are many more exciting bathroom design ideas that you can try out, too!


Does Bathroom Wallpaper Have to Be Waterproof?

Using bathroom wallpaper that can withstand high humidity is essential, especially in restrooms with less ventilation. Otherwise, the moisture can affect the wallpaper and cause it to peel.

Does Wallpaper Cause Mold?

Wallpaper does not cause mold, but the combination of high humidity, lack of ventilation, and poor-quality wallpaper can make it likely for mold to develop. You can use vinyl wallpaper, which is moisture-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about mold forming.

How Do You Protect Wallpaper in a Bathroom?

Applying mold-proof paste and a clear acrylic varnish can protect your wallpaper from mold, stains, and damage.

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