5 Bedroom Design Trends to Spice Things Up in 2024

When it comes to home renovation and redecorating, public-facing areas like living rooms and kitchens tend to be top of mind. The bedroom, meanwhile, often falls to the wayside. And while we certainly advocate for freshly painted kitchen cabinets and extra garlands for the mantel, it’s good to keep the bedroom top of mind too. Especially now, when bedrooms often double as home office spaces, it’s worth rethinking how you can spruce up the space, whether it’s with new curtains, a canopy, or a funky wallpaper.

Of course, what’s paramount in a bedroom is coziness and peace. This space should feel less like a bustling hub and more a welcome respite. “We’re seeing bedrooms outfitted head to toe in materiality at the moment,” Brynn Olson, founder and principal of Brynn Olson Design Group tells ELLE DECOR. “Our clients are looking for spaces that envelop them in comfort.” Looking to spice things up his year? Here, we’ve polled interior designers as to what trends they’re noticing in bedroom design lately. Sweet dreams!

Piled-on Texture and Color

bed with circular canopy in a chintz fabric with butterflies, an armchair and round table in matching fabric, blue and green striped bedcover, nightstand with lamp, green wallpaper with subtle print

Layered patterns and colors define this exuberant guest bedroom in an Aspen home designed by ELLE DECOR A-Lister Patrick Mele.
Miguel Flores-Vianna

Instead of one color or one material, these days the move is to combine a little bit of everything. The result is a layered space that feels natural and effortless. “We’re still being asked for bedrooms with a lot of luxurious textures,” says interior designer Heather Hilliard. “So we’re doing a custom, thick Mongolian cashmere rug for a bedroom.”

These layers can start and end anywhere, from rugs and wallpaper to blankets and canopies. “We’re currently designing a bedroom in Nantucket and are incorporating layers of Fermoie fabrics, textural elements, and layered raffia tape trims on wool,” adds interior designer Meg Lonergan.

Canopy Beds and Other Trad Touches

a bed with light blue linens is surrounded by a canopy and curtains in a light yellow with black windowpanes fabric, which matches the wallpaper and window shades, a wooden writing table and chair sit next to the bed

In this New York abode, design duo Redd Kaihoi incorporated a traditional canopy bed but kept the look from being overly stuffy via an allover windowpane check fabric.
Noe DeWitt

Trad is back in the bedroom! (But did it ever really leave?) Classic patterns and canopied beds are back in a big way—after all, it’s a trend that never really goes out of style.” [Traditional elements] are beautiful, and they create a cocoon that softens the space and feels serene,” says Roger Higgins, principal and founder of R. Higgins Interiors. “They’re versatile and can be draped in traditional patterns or something more streamlined, like white linen.” One thing to keep in mind when approaching this aesthetic, of course, is that it can quickly become the main character of a room. “We’re designing a bedroom with a canopied bed—the size and scope is determining the type of lighting,” adds Lonergan.

High-Design Bunk Beds

prospect refuge studio wisconsin lake house

A cheery set of bunk beds gives this lakeside getaway by Victoria Sass of Prospect Refuge Studio a decidedly summer camp feel while remaining sophisticated.
Matthew Williams

Bunk beds are trending in a big way, most notably in vacation homes where visiting friends and family often include young children. “They’re practical and efficient and can be interesting to design,” says Higgins. “Clients often allow us to push the envelope in these spaces.” Higgins suggests a darker palette for these rooms—with upholstered walls for sound dampening. Charging niches for phones are a great added bonus.

Dreamy Serene Hues

a bedroom has a rose colored paper on the walls and ceiling, a bed has a fabric headboard and chenille blankets with nightstands below a small window, a dark wood bench at foot of bed, and a patterned rug

Soft eggplant hues in this Toronto bedroom designed by Kelly Wearstler feel simultaneously restful and contemporary.
Adrian Gaut

We love a big, bold splash of color, but when it comes to your bedroom, sometimes a more soothing color palette is more appropriate. After all, it’s easier to unwind when surrounded by a more natural palette. “In primary bedrooms, our clients are opting for softer, restful palettes—often soft blues and greens,” adds Higgins. Toffee and cream are also all the rage, per Lonergan. Add a few cashmere blankets and silk pillowcases and it’s straight to dreamland.

Colossal Closets

in a yellow dressing room is a large window with yellow curtains, an armoire filled with tens of leather handbags on shelves, patterned oval ottoman with a red bag atop, dog shaped handbag on floor, red rug

Bedrooms are more than just a place to rest your head at night—nowadays, for many they’re part of the work-from-home ecosystem. As a result, demand for extra space is at an all-time high. “Closets are never big enough,” adds Higgins. “For 2024, we’re working on larger, more organized primary closets and even adding wall panels that open to reveal additional storage and all but disappear when the panels are closed.” Need a caffeine fix before your morning Zoom call? “Two clients are getting custom coffee bars concealed behind doors,” adds Hilliard. “They like anything that makes them feel like the bedroom is a serene retreat.”


Helena Madden is ELLE DECOR’s associate market editor, and covers all things product and trend, from flatware and furnishings to kitchen and bath. She previously worked as a staff writer at Robb Report, where she covered luxury news with a focus on interior design.

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