7 dramatic bathroom design ideas for a chic black look

When you think of a black bathroom design, you might think of opulence and a dramatic vibe. But these 7 bathroom design ideas curated from the archives of AD India traverse the design spectrum to bring not only luxurious sophistication but also earthy serenity, for a statement nook in your home that douses in timeless allure.

An Earthy Bengaluru Bath Akin To A Black Cocoon

In one Bengaluru apartment in Indiranagar is a mottled green bedroom with nothing more than a Henri Rousseau artwork in the way of decor. At some angles, the room is reminiscent of Tulum; at others still, it inspires the nature-rich landscape of Southern California. Yet, everywhere in equal measure, its spirit is decidedly Indian—a masterstroke by interior designer Vinithra Amarnathan in keeping the space firmly rooted in its homeland. “Their love of clean, warm spaces and natural, earthy materials set the stage for the palette,” says Amarnathan of the homeowners, a California-returned couple with one young daughter.


In a bid to highlight their present while honouring their past, she conceived a design scheme layered with modern and minimal influences from places the couple held dear. Of course, the want for minimalism precluded neither designer nor clients from introducing bursts of colour here and there. “One of the hallmarks of this home is how it is restrained, yet rich with pattern. The unexpected juxtapositions create a relaxed and sophisticated feel,” says Amarnathan, referencing the smorgasbord of vibrant flourishes, including the cocoon-like vibe of the guest bedroom and attached bath. – Vaishnavi Nayel Talawadekar

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Sleek Lines And Black Tones Take Over These Kochi Bathrooms

Megha was in the final year of acquiring her undergraduate degree in Architecture when the design for her father’s dream abode—a lavish home in Kochi sprawled across three expansive floors—began to take shape, all the way back in 2020. Her father had a very specific vision, brought to life architecturally by Fahed+Architects, but it was she who knew the nuances and quirks of her family inside out. We set out on a mission to redefine the concepts of elegance and understated sophistication,” Megha avers—which reflects in all design choices, from the materials to the integration of vegetation and natural light.

Nayan Soni

Nayan Soni

Inside, a language of warm wood paired with brooding black tones dominates, apparent right from the entrance. The kitchen and home office exemplify the dark, brooding tones that captivate and draw one in. But a personal favourite of the designer is the powder washroom—with an exquisite onyx marble as the feature wall, which when backlit at night, creates a captivating fiery glow. Freestanding wash basins with copper accents from Gessi beautifully complement the feature wall, exuding elegant charm. Even one of the daughters’ bedrooms douses in cozy, black tones to convey immense personality while still cohesive with the language of the home. – Alisha Lad

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