I slip into the water and push off quickly before the man swimming like a breast-stroking porpoise gets any closer. Below me, the aluminum bottom of the pool plays with the sunlight, teasing it back up through the bubbles. I breathe to the right one last time before doing a […]

ST. LOUIS — Labor Day is fast approaching, and with the holiday comes the closure of most swimming pools. Several St. Louis-area pools host events to celebrate the end of the summer season by opening the pools up for dogs to swim, before closing the pools down for the summer.  […]

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools offer not only fun for the whole family but also the ideal way for kids (and grown-ups) to learn how to swim – an essential skill for any child living in our area where lakes, rivers, and Puget Sound mean there are countless opportunities to […]

Must-Do Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks | Swimming Pool Construction Company As a trusted Swimming Pool Construction Company in India, Contractor, and Manufacturer, we at Dan technologies understand the importance of proper pool maintenance to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your investment. Regular maintenance not only keeps […]

Photo courtesy of the National HotelPhoto courtesy of the National Hotel It’s been a disrespectfully brutal summer so far, even by South Florida standards. The only way to enjoy some fresh air without immediately drenching yourself in sweat is to post up next to a swimming pool, and if you’re […]

The William Wagner Aquatic Center at El Corazon in Oceanside has a 56-meter competition pool, diving boards, instructional pool, splash pad, administrative offices, meeting rooms, a large multi-purpose events center, locker rooms, and viewing areas. Here, the Mission Hills High School boys water polo team works out at the pool […]