Design showcase: Top five indoor pools

A collaboration with TOPHOTELDESIGN, we highlight five exceptional indoor pool hotel designs.

Stand-out designs in this category take us from serene urban sanctuaries to properties making the most of their bucolic surroundings.

Roots in the past

The first pools date back to at least 2500 BC. From the ceremonial Great Bath at Mohenjodaro in Pakistan and social Roman and Greek public baths to the first indoor swimming pool at London, which was built in 1837, pools have an interesting history steered by crucial socio-political changes in society.

Whether these pools are built for religious purposes, military training, sport competitions or pure physical wellness and relaxation, historians agree that after the modern Olympic Games began in 1896, swimming pools became increasingly popular.

Today we have selected five remarkable hospitality design projects that step up the indoor pool game.

The Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti stands out for its surreal mirrored pool that extends into the mountains, suspending guests in the Italian landscape. The Quinta da Comporta impresses with its minimalist and austere wooden structure surrounding and guiding the pool from the outside in.

The Bulgari Hotel Shanghai earns a place in the list with its pool’s playful box-shaped lounge chair areas and beautiful textured rock wall. The Andronis Concept boasts a pool in its intriguing naturally-lit rustic vault and The Capella Hanoi is set apart by its kaleidoscopic mirrored surfaces and opera-inspired design.

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Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti

Pinzolo, Italy
by Studio Alberto Apostoli
supplied by Apir srl


Quinta da Comporta

Carvalhal, Portugal
by Miguel Cancio Martins – MCM

Imagery: @ Manolo Yllera


Bulgari Hotel Shanghai

Shanghai, China
by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
supplied by Hansgrohe, KALDEWEI & Andy Mannhart AG

Imagery: @ Tommy Picone


Andronis Concept

Santorini, Greece
by Kapsimalis Architects

Imagery: © Tryfon Georgopoulos Photography


Capella Hanoi

Hoan Kiem, Vietnam
by Bensley
supplied by Hansgrohe

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