Early Prime Day 2023: Up to 43% off on Ninja kitchen appliances

It’s almost time for Prime Day 2023, and a major category of Amazon items on sale (among others we’re highlighting daily) is all things kitchen. Think stand mixers, pressure cookers, utensils, and… indoor grills or cold press juicers from Ninja. Below, we’ve rounded up the best deals on Ninja kitchen appliances all in one place. Shop these before the big sales event happens.

Summer is usually associated with outdoor grilling — that delicious scent of meat and spices, the fresh air, the satisfaction of the whole experience. But sometimes (like, when bad air quality hits), grilling must be done indoors. Equip yourself with the perfect Ninja indoor grill for your needs so that no weather conditions can get between you and your medium-well burgers. Oh, and if you’re in the market for a brand-new cold press juicer, Ninja has a deal on that, too. Score these Ninja kitchen appliances right before Prime Day 2023. You deserve it.

Best indoor grill deal for big groups

Why we like it

The Ninja Foodi Smart XL Grill(opens in a new tab) is the perfect solution when everyone and their mother suddenly shows up at your house, expecting you to chef something up. It can fit up to six steaks at once (and 24 hotdogs!), has four protein settings/nine customizable doneness levels, and allows you to go beyond grilling (what with its capacity to roast, air crisp, bake, dehydrate, and more). One impressive kitchen gadget!

Best indoor grill deal for ideal doneness

Why we like it

Ninja’s Foodi Grill(opens in a new tab) is kind of like the Foodi Smart XL Grill but, as the name suggests, fits in less food at once. It’s still got those six versatile functions (dehydration, air frying, and beyond) and can easily bring frozen foods to ideal, char-grilled conditions in less than 25 minutes. This grill employs 500-degree Fahrenheit cyclonic air technology that brings your protein to desired doneness levels without the stress. All this power and potential, fitting on your countertop? It seems too good to be true, yet the Foodi Grill delivers.

Best cold press juicer deal

Why we like it

The Ninja NeverClog Cold Press Juicer(opens in a new tab) — beyond never clogging (obviously) — eliminates any trace of pulp buildup, allows you to regulate the amount of pulp that does make it into your juice with two special filters, runs with the help of a high-torque motor, and is easier to clean that its leading centrifugal juicer competitors. Using this lifesaver of a tool, enjoy that ginger-cucumber-apple-kale concoction or a simple glass of grapefruit juice without the hassle.

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