Learning how to build a pond can have a transformative effect on your garden. It is capable of evoking serenity, movement and a relaxing soundtrack to your plot as well as creating a thriving environment for a limitless array of wildlife. 

Every animal, from tiny insects to larger mammals need a source of water in order to thrive. Finding out how to build a pond in your garden can dramatically increase the bio-diversity of your backyard ideas and as a result will help your garden to flourish.

‘Insects are the base of the food chain and though they are less iconic than some of our familiar mammals, a water source will increase the number and the variety of insects in your garden very significantly’, says Barry Chambers founder of Garden Design Guru. Insects are vital to the wellbeing of our garden and ‘more diversity brings greater stability and less chance of a proliferation of any pest or even disease on your patch.’

garden pond with plants surrounded by wooden decking

(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)

How to build a pond