How to decorate and design the perfect Gen Z bedroom

Gen Z’s typically love being unpredictable, unconventional and staying at home. In fact, a recent survey showed that 70% of them prefer staying in on weekends. For this reason, it is key to create the ultimate home space that has to include these three trending factors, according to Builders:

It’s all about comfort

Being comfortable trumps all other aspects when it comes to decor and furniture for a Gen Z. They would much rather stream YouTube videos on a comfy bean bag or puffed armchair than a semi-opaque stool crafted by some obscure Swedish designer.

Bring on the Boho

When in doubt, go for boho chic – easy-going and colourful with a touch of the hippie era aesthetic, so think 60’s and 70’s with a modern twist. We’re talking tie dye bed sets, curtains or scatter cushions. Check out this video for some tips on creating your own tie-dye bedding.

Different = Beautiful

Gen Zs love being unique. It is celebrated, cheered on, and encouraged to be different and to express yourself. Bring this trend into your decor and design too by finding something that is both functional and “fashionably” quirky. Try making a poster wall, for example, that features wallpaper, your favourite posters, or photos and create a collage feature wall that is individual and interesting.

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