How to Design a Hardworking and Stylish Chef-Worthy Kitchen

If you love experimenting with new recipes and have knife skills that could land you a spot on a cooking competition, you need a kitchen to match.

Any home chef will want things like a high-temperature gas range, multiple ovens, and a second dishwasher, but a highly functional kitchen doesn’t stop at the appliances. Some crucial elements, like a deep sink and the right storage, take a kitchen from amateur to semi-pro. The experts at BLANCO have made this their sweet spot, taking inspiration from commercial kitchens to craft sinks and faucets designed to complement anyone’s culinary skills.

Here’s how to incorporate the innovative BLANCO UNIT—an all-in-one water hub solution that combines your sink, faucet, and under-sink organization—and transform the culinary center of your home into a solid workspace that doubles as an enviable hangout for your dinner guests.

blanco unit sink

The BLANCO UNIT, outfitted with a RIVANA Semi-Professional faucet and soap dispenser in matte black.


Design around the water hub

Over 60 percent of your time spent in the kitchen is at your sink, according to BLANCO research. It’s central to food prep, clean up, and everything in between. Make your water zone the centerpiece of your kitchen with the BLANCO UNIT, a fully-customizable system that incorporates your sink, faucet, and cabinet organization to streamline kitchen operations and save time while you work.

BLANCO offers dozens of sink styles so you can design the UNIT to fit your aesthetic. In addition to classic stainless steel and ceramic fireclay collections, BLANCO’s Silgranit sinks offer unmatched durability and come in nine nature-inspired colors. Pair your sink with BLANCO’s professionally-inspired RIVANA faucet—with features like a powerful pressure sprayer, flexible spring coil, and magnetic docking arm—in an on-trend matte black or satin gold finish.

blanco sink accessories

BLANCO’s sink accessories, like stainless steel grids and ash compound cutting boards, are designed to fit perfectly in or overtop of the sink bowl.


Make your sink work smarter, not harder

Yes, sink accessories are a thing, and trust us when we say they’ll bring you so much joy. BLANCO’s ergonomic accessories open a new level of functionality to your kitchen. ​​

Elevated grids make it possible to easily dry dishes or fill a pot of water without bending over. Cutting boards fit snugly over the top of the sink, allowing you to wipe excess into the sink bowl, where you can also fit stainless steel colanders and mesh baskets to save counter space and easily rinse fruits and vegetables. These simple, yet super convenient, solutions optimize workflow so you can focus on the recipe at hand.

blanco silgranit sink

BLANCO’s Silgranit PRECIS sink in concrete gray with the RIVANA Semi-pro in matte black.


Choose the right materials

As a frequent cook, you need countertops that stand up to all of your hard work. While a natural stone like marble may look nice, it’s incredibly soft and porous—and prone to damage from acidic foods like lemon and tomato. It’s also quick to stain from things like red wine. Instead opt for engineered stone like quartz—especially in areas where you’ll be doing your chopping and prepping—for maximum durability, as well as antibacterial and anti-staining properties.

You’ll want to put the same thought into your sink material. BLANCO gives you three options: stainless steel, ceramic, and Silgranit (a durable granite composite material). Silgranit is made of 80 percent quartz sand, the hardest element of natural granite, meaning that hot pans, sharp knives, and heavy pots won’t make a mark. It’s also finished with BLANCO’s patented Hygienic+Plus surface protection formula to reduce bacteria growth by an average of 98 percent, according to the company’s research.

blanco kitchen lighting

Pendants provide task lighting over the island, while a statement chandelier adds style.


Invest in lighting

Anyone who has ever spent time in a space that lacks natural sunlight or ample overhead lighting knows how drab it can make a room feel. But in the kitchen, appropriate lighting is also key for safety and functionality—you need to see what you’re doing.

Think about the three layers of light in your kitchen: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient is your main source of light; it’s ideal if this comes naturally through large windows, but recessed ceiling lighting also does the trick. Task lighting in the form of pendants or under-cabinet lights illuminates specific workstations, like your water hub or cooktop, while accent lights enhance the overall look and add personality.

blanco botton ii

The BLANCO UNIT, equipped with the BOTTON II storage system.


Include smart storage

The key to an organized kitchen is having plenty of room to store all of your gadgets, appliances, and pantry staples. But adequate room isn’t enough to do the trick. Custom organizers for spices, pots, utensils, and even wine will keep everything in its place, so you can find it exactly when you need it, without wasting a moment—a moment that could be the difference between a perfectly seared salmon filet and a burnt disaster.

Those cabinets under the sink are often some off the most unorganized places in a kitchen, but BLANCO’s new BOTTON II storage system calms the chaos with two separate, removable bins with handles that sit on a pull-out track system, so you can streamline workflow by easily tucking away recycling items and cleaning supplies while you prep.

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