GE Appliances didn’t set out to create an indoor smoker, or win awards, or establish a partnership with recently selected James Beard Award semifinalist Dallas McGarity. It just happened. When the team at FirstBuild — GE Appliances microfactory and makerspace located on the University of Louisville’s campus — bought an […]

It’s no secret to my family and closest friends that not only do I hate to cook, but when I do cook, anything goes and it’s not in the “delicious” column. Measuring? Not likely. Baking materials such as a rolling pin, flour, baking powder, pan for the dough, and the […]

Our Top Picks Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, providing a unique and enjoyable cooking experience. However, with so many outdoor kitchen appliances available, selecting the right product can be overwhelming. To help simplify the process, we’ve researched and tested various appliances, taking into account durability, weather resistance, size, functionality, […]

Hand opening a refrigerator door. getty Artificial intelligence is helping keep frail British patients in their own homes after they leave hospital. Smart appliances have helped cut readmission rates at a public hospital provider in the southeast of England. The devices contain sensors that monitor an individual’s behavior. AI software […]