Everyone enjoys enhancing the look of their living spaces. Rustic bedroom decor has recently gained popularity, owing to its emphasis on natural, earthy materials. Known for giving the room warmth and personality, the appropriate rustic interior can turn a plain room into a cozy haven. Its rugged atmosphere and pleasant […]

Bathroom decor is as crucial as the design of the other spaces in your home. A well-decorated bathroom increases its usefulness in addition to its visual appeal. Sites such as Pinterest, which offers an endless supply of ideas, can transform your bathroom from a regular space into a comfortable and […]

Skateland, everyone’s favorite bedroom pop sensation, is making waves with the groovy track ‘Autobahn!’ We’re absolutely loving the bedroom pop scene. If you didn’t know, it’s where talented young artists kickstart their careers from their homes, often with little resources but big dreams. At THP, we’re all about supporting and […]

Over the past few years, the way we use our homes—including our bedrooms—has changed drastically. But what about how we decorate—have our tastes for bedroom decor trends shifted too? The pandemic-fueled fervor to adapt these (and countless other) spaces to new ways of living led to an explosion of both […]

You’ve just stepped into the world of marital bliss and now you’re diving into decorating your shared space. The bedroom takes center stage because, well, it’s where both of you need to feel at home. Need some ideas to spruce up that room? Here are tips from design professionals who […]