Imagine: A tiny robotic chef assembles and cooks blueberry breakfast muffins that are platonically bouncy and nutritionally optimized based on your biometric data. Just before lunch, an internet-connected storage container in your fridge fires a notification to your phone telling you, “It’s really time to eat that kale.” And instead […]

It barely warrants mentioning that upgrading the kitchen often ranks high on every homeowner’s wishlist. In reality, when the day arrives, the task is often daunting and stressful. That’s because everyone wants to make the right choices – picking the best appliances to fit our everyday needs today, and also […]

A startling new style and design from 2LG Studio, showcased at the London WOW!House function, hints at the long run of toilet structure. A range of significant design demonstrates have been cancelled about the last two a long time, so it was interesting to see a new function released this […]

An Oasis at Home: The Past, Present and Future of Bathrooms AXOR Starck. Image Cortesia de AXOR / Hansgrohe SE Share Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Mail Or The practice of frequenting public baths was common in civilizations such as the Greeks, Persians and Byzantines, but it was the […]