For many, the meatballs from Olive Garden are a highlight when seeking out the chain’s specific brand of Italian-style comfort food. Some diners even swear that they contain pork due to their robust flavor. However, as illustrated by the restaurant’s website, a section of which lists menu information regarding the pork content […]

THANKS to a TIkToker who is famous for revealing industry secrets, people have just discovered where to find one restaurant’s coveted after-meal treat. Jordan Howlett, @jordan_the_stallion8 on TikTok, has created. following by sharing restaurant and other establishments’ trade secrets on the social media platform. 2 Jordan Howlett, @jordan_the_stallion8 on TikTok, […]

Olive Garden, home to a five-cheese ziti al forno and the full lineup of “amazing alfredos,”isn’t exactly known as a top destination for vegans — but there are a handful of options available to guests who eat plant-based. The famous breadsticks happen to be totally plant-based (nope, no butter), and […]

A few weeks ago, a local news broadcast from the mid-1980s went viral on Instagram, as hundreds of thousands of people double-tapped that video of an Olive Garden’s grand opening in Minnesota. “You can get those breadsticks and a salad complimentary with an entree,” one of the anchors marveled. “All […]