A popular TikToker and savvy Olive Garden customer enthusiastically shared a helpful tip for those who are sick or know someone who is. She originally shared it last year but reiterated it in a video that has amassed 1.6 million views as of Saturday. Cindy’s (@themhoffers) suggestion involves ordering a […]

Every little hack helps! Whether you’re a novice or an expert DIYer, new tips and tricks are always much appreciated. Adding to your figurative and literal toolkit for home improvement only makes projects run smoother and sometimes faster. Swapping methods with fellow DIYers is all part of the fun. The […]

An Olive Garden customer created a viral video on TikTok sharing the kids meal hack to get pasta, sides, breadsticks and more for just $30. The user, @theblondefoodie96, has reached more than 265,000 views and 23,600 likes on her video by Tuesday evening. She frequently uses her TikTok account to […]