We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. 1 Miniaturised bathroom furniture Mark Bolton Compromises do have to be made in small spaces, but it is possible to contain all of the necessary bathroom features – your sink, mirror, storage etc. – if you’re willing […]

Are Living Rooms Still Relevant? 16 Projects that Explore how these Private Gathering Spaces Adapt to the Contemporary Home © Eve Wilson Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or https://www.archdaily.com/969304/are-living-rooms-still-relevant-16-projects-that-explore-how-these-private-gathering-spaces-adapt-to-contemporary-architecture Today, architecture has become – or is in the process of becoming – more flexible and individualistic to accommodate […]

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Small bathrooms are more common in today’s fast paced world. A small bathroom doesn’t have to mean compromises on style or functionality. You can turn your small bathroom into an oasis of comfort and efficiency with a little creativity and clever design. This article will provide you with some practical and friendly bathroom […]

The living room is where you probably spend the most time kicking back and entertaining guests, so it’s always important to come in with a plan before you decorate living room spaces or rethink your setup to ensure that it feels as unified and inviting as possible. On AD’s first […]

The most indulgent and high-class wellness lavatory strategies are all about peace and rest, therefore, the supplies you select will be of utmost significance in this space. Producing the final wellness retreat ought to be a multisensory expertise a feast for the senses.  ‘In today’s fast-paced environment, wellness and self-care […]