Funky flowers, wood paneling, a dramatic color palette—weaving all of these into your bedroom design might overwhelm. But honing in on bold design choices for bedroom accent wall ideas? Now we’re talking. Working with statement-making home design in small doses means you can have all the fun without any of […]

Add color, pattern, and texture to your home’s living spaces. Hector Sanchez Wallpaper in bedrooms, powder rooms, and even mudrooms has become a popular choice for adding interest and visual appeal. But what about swathing your main living space in wallpaper? If it feels like a commitment, that’s because it […]

If you have a gap between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, then you might well be wondering how to fill this space. Decorating above kitchen cabinets is a wonderful way to fill the space with an attractive feature, rather than just letting it gather dust.  Whether you prefer a […]

Contemplating red bathroom ideas? While the color might sound like a dramatic choice, it’s actually a hue that’s easy to live with, and definitely worth your consideration. So if you’re considering a red bathroom or simply looking for inspirational bathroom ideas to kickstart your bathroom remodel, thinking outside of the […]