Once upon a time, just a few years ago, all-white bathrooms seemed like the only stylish possibility for bathrooms. From the tile to the porcelain, paint, and linens, white was the go-to. While we still love white, we’re expanding our horizons to the world of intriguing colors. These days, interior […]

Your bedroom is more than just a peaceful haven to get a good night’s sleep. The appropriate decor will help your ability to unwind, and wall art such as my life painting, like most furniture and accessories, is crucial to your bedroom design. Several types of the wall art are […]

Many designers are busier than ever, creating spaces that reflect client personalities and needs. Moving beyond the kitchen and bath, designers are now tasked with updating rooms throughout the home, as well as outside its walls. Homeowners are spending more time outside, and designers are creating alfresco kitchens and lounging […]