Credit: Jeffrey B. Banke/Shutterstock While most home improvement projects yield generally positive results—increased home values, more usable spaces, improved enjoyment of the property—there are never any guarantees a project will work out the way you hope. While bad execution—the wrong materials or finish, for example, or hiring the wrong contractor—doesn’t […]

Crystal Springs Resort is one of the best NJ hotels with indoor pools. Img src: There’s nothing better than a hotel with a pool — unless that pool is poorly maintained or outdated. If you’re traveling for business or pleasure in the Garden State, it’s important to find NJ […]

Over the past few years, the way we use our homes—including our bedrooms—has changed drastically. But what about how we decorate—have our tastes for bedroom decor trends shifted too? The pandemic-fueled fervor to adapt these (and countless other) spaces to new ways of living led to an explosion of both […]

Michael Robinson / Getty Photographs Contemporary home design is generally viewed as chilly, stark and it’s possible even a small bit unexciting. The actuality is, it is everything but. There are quite a few structure avenues that can be taken to attain a refreshing and elevated room — even if […]