That Guy from ‘Home Improvement’ Doesn’t Think NFTs Are a Thing He Should Do


A couple of days ago, we wrote about Matt Damon’s cringy commercial for cryptocurrency because obviously our entry point into the currency of the youths is middle-aged men. And look: If Matt Damon is promoting it, it’s no longer cool. That’s science.

But you know who is cool, at least in the ironic sense? Richard Karn, the guy who played Al Borland on that show from your youth with Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson. Karn is 65 years old, and he looks like he drinks with The Most Interesting Man in World on the regular when he stops by the local his local watering hole in what is probably a Wisconsin suburb. On Monday, Richard Karn decided that NFTs were a thing he might be interested in, and he partnered with a company called Superfandom, which helps celebrities create personalized NFTs. It sounds like a grift to me, but then again, the COVID relief bill didn’t pad my bank account enough for me to pay $46,000 for a drawing of a rock.

On Tuesday, after doing his research, apparently Mr. Karn changed his mind, and he let it be known to the entire world that he did so by composing the greatest Tweet in the history of Twitter.

The irony is that Tweet is so good that I would pay upwards of $19 dollars for the NFT of that tweet. It is the coolest uncool thing I have ever seen on that hellsite.

Why did Richard Karn decide that NFTs are not something he needs to do? It’s unclear. In my mind, I am going to attribute it to the environmental dangers of NFTs because, somehow, a transaction involving the sale of a digital drawing of a rock could consume as much energy as an entire household for a year. That’s real science, the Matt Damon science-the-shit-out-of-it kind. But if you’re the sort of person who would spend $46,000 on a rock drawing, maybe you’re also the sort of person who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the environment.

In either respect, this series of replies below Karn’s tweet is almost as good as the tweet itself:

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 9.28.30 AM.png

See? Twitter isn’t all bad, at least until they started digitally chopping it up and selling it off as NFTs.

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