This Olive Garden Soup Hack is Perfect for When You’re Sick

A popular TikToker and savvy Olive Garden customer enthusiastically shared a helpful tip for those who are sick or know someone who is. She originally shared it last year but reiterated it in a video that has amassed 1.6 million views as of Saturday.

Cindy’s (@themhoffers) suggestion involves ordering a gallon of soup from Olive Garden, emphasizing the excellent value at $27.99 which includes not only the chosen soup but also complimentary breadsticks and chocolates. “It’s such a great deal!” she says in the clip.

The comments section shared her enthusiasm for the soup special. One of the top comments came from a former employee of Olive Garden who also confirmed the convenient curbside menu option.

“I worked at olive garden and I ALWAYS suggested to people!!!!” they said. “Such an amazing deal. you can ask for fresh grated cheese too!”

Another commenter expressed their gratitude for the helpful hack, “I’m grieving right now & struggling to make myself meals. Thank you for the tip!”

A third commenter expressed regret, but only at not having heard of the deal earlier, writing, “What??? I’ve been dying with some respiratory bug. I could have used this 3 days ago.”

Hot soup has long been held as a helpful health remedy, and now there is science to back it up. Cyndi’s Olive Garden hack comes just in time for flu season and it comes with a bonus—you don’t even have to leave your car. Cyndi highlights in her video the ease of obtaining a comforting and substantial meal curbside and suggests this as an easy and convenient option for a quick lunch or dinner, and a salve when under the weather. The tub of hot soup even comes with its own ladle, adding to the charm. Cyndi cautions her audience, “Don’t think they go skimpy,” and assures them the soup is “filled to the brim.”

@themhoffers One of the best sick hacks @Olive Garden ♬ original sound – Cyndi – Themhoffers

As one commenter added, “I’m not sick, but I am lazy and love this idea for meal prep. Thx!”

Since the pandemic, dining rooms have shrunk and consumer expectations have shifted away from the traditional restaurant setting in favor of more creative and convenient to-go menu items, and restaurants have noticed. Many establishments, like Olive Garden, have invested time and resources into creating more attractive takeout options that aim to bring the restaurant experience to your dining room table.

As customers’ preferences evolve, the restaurant industry has also, and Olive Garden’s generous soup offering is one such example.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Olive Garden and Cyndi via email for further comment.

*First Published: Dec 9, 2023, 11:00 am CST

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