16 Modern Bathroom Ideas to Recreate In Your Own Home

Above all else, a bathroom should look and feel clean. It is, after all, where you go for all things personal hygiene? And aside from a regular cleaning routine to keep things shiny and new, thoughtful design also plays a role in a clean, fresh-feeling bathroom. Enter: modern design. With minimalist silhouettes, cool materials, contemporary lighting, and state-of-the-art plumbing and technology, modern bathrooms are the perfect balance between form and function. Ahead, discover 15 modern bathroom ideas, examples, and tips straight from our favorite designer spaces.


Embrace Exposed Materials

Interior design firm Les Ensembliers kept the industrial bones of exposed brick for a grittier edge, while a dramatic marble vanity introduces some polished style. For a budget-friendly alternative to custom built-ins, they converted two nightstands below the countertop and sink to provide extra storage room and keep the surfaces clutter-free.


Take Inspiration From Nature

This en suite bathroom is modern and sleek, yet there’s also something romantic about it. “I wanted it to feel calm, quiet, and seamless,” says designer Lauren Liess of the cave-like concrete shower area coated in waterproof stucco. The nod to nature is indeed a classic characteristic of modernism.


Design Around a View

With little ornamention and simple, nature-inspired materials, this bathroom designed by Studio DB is a modern masterpiece. The rounded floating bathtub is strategically placed by the dramatic floor-to-ceiling window to draw our eyes out.


Modernize Preexisting Features

Matching curtains, an open doorway, and a muted caramel color scheme link the primary bedroom rooms to the modern bathroom beyond. Design studio Atelier ND modernized the clawfoot tub with a marble cube stool and a contemporary sconce.


Experiment With Surface Materials

As seen in this bathroom designed by Shawn Henderson, cork is a visually surprising material, but its benefits extend far more than cosmetics. Cork is a renewable material and it offers warmth and cushion (great for noise-reduction!) and also serves as a natural climate control mechanism. Using quirky, avant-garde materials is always a plus when the goal is to create modern look.


Choose Glass

In this bathroom designed by Romanek Design Studio, the baby blue zellige tiles and sleek matte black and glass enclosure make a modern statement. A floating bench adds both formal and functional value, too, and bathers won’t have to worry about a pesky curtain getting in the way as they wash up.


Mix In Organized Shapes

Organic shapes and tight color story make this fun bathroom designed by Corinne Mathern a happy place to wash up. With preexisting midcentury foundations but contemporary fixtures and updated textiles, it’s the best of both worlds.


Play Up Natural Elements

Here, Sarah Richardson spotlights a slab of swirling marble that serpentines like the angle of the ceiling. This is a very clever way to make tricky or irregular rooflines work for you and look intentional.


Play With Graphic Prints

Fun graphic floor tiles bring playfulness to the deep red paint color in this small bathroom designed by Andy Beers of Ore Studios. The spacious drawers under the floating vanity also help keep things tidy, a must in a tiny bathroom.


Stick to One Grayscale Color

The infinity effect works well in a modern, minimalist environment, such as this bathroom designed by Kristin Fine. While a clay-white color veils the entire space, the many layers of texture and shape ensure visual intrigue.


Blend Traditional Elements

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be monochromatic and austere to be modern. For a modern bathroom with more traditional overtures, take note of this bathroom by interior designer Elizabeth Cooper. She opted for a marble shower stall, vanity topper, and backsplash with rich blue veining and then painted the cabinets an icy pale blue paint color for continuity. Brass accents inject just the right amount of warmth.


Keep Things Simple

Simplicity in layout and color scheme can often be best in smaller spaces, as proven in this tiny New York City bathroom designed by Shawn Henderson. This formula (pretty shelves, matching hardware, and simple, high-end accessories) is also always an easy win in a rental.


Mix Textures

When designing a minimalist and modern bathroom, stick to things like neutral tones. But keep things interesting and varied by layering tiles of different materials for different sections in the space, as Ishka Designs did in this luxe bathroom.


Stick to One Statement

Tamsin Johnson extended the gorgeous custom marble material up from the vanity to the backsplash and even framed the double oval mirrors with it. The rich purple veining makes for a unique and modern yet calming impression. For a similar look, splurge on one statement material but practice restrain when it comes to mixing too many different things together.


Float Your Sink

The sparkly tiles in this bathroom designed by Hecker Guthrie have a gorgeous glimmer, making it look extra luxe while still being in line with the modern style. The floating sink is also a fixture in modern bathrooms.


Opt for Enclosed Storage

Modern designs tend to be soothing to look at, which means all clutter and unsightly essentials should be tucked away neatly out of sight. Enclosed storage, whether DIY’ed with a curtain to hide a gap between the floor and sink or via custom cabinetry is the way to go. The glossy white floating drawers in this modern bathroom designed by Raji RM are perfect.

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