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Anyone who has spent a summer in Louisiana knows that the heat is next level. Rather than heading outdoors for the summer, many folks end up spending the majority of the dog days either in a swimming pool or indoors, safe within the confines of air conditioning.

Beyond keeping the temperature at a manageable setting, three Louisiana designers and decorators have tips for easy updates that work well to improve the look and feel of a space as the mercury climbs.

Nicole LeBlanc, of NLB Design based in Lafayette, says the easiest way to freshen up for warmer weather is an idea that goes back millennia — spring cleaning.

“Spring is a time of new growth and renewal,” LeBlanc said. “Purging some of the excess can help clear the mind and make your home feel fresh and ready for something new.”

LeBlanc says there’s no need to Marie Kondo your entire home. Instead, choose a little section — shelving in your bedroom or a countertop drowning in old mail and do away with the unnecessary.

“A little decluttering will go a long way in the day to day,” LeBlanc said.

She also recommends adding art as the warmer days approach.

“Spring is a great time to explore your local outdoor markets and festivals — both great places to find local art,” she said. “Finding a piece of art that speaks to you is a great way to add color, texture and life into any space.”

She recommends making sure to hang art that inspires in a place where you see it often.

“Daily interactions with a piece of art you love bring little jolts of joy throughout the day,” LeBlanc said.

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She also recommends taking advantage of the plant and flower season and bring the outside in.

“Indoor plants can improve your mood and boost creativity,” LeBlanc said. “When in doubt, go for a simple succulent on a windowsill.”


BEFORE. Ty Larkins recommends tackling the largest surfaces in a space for a cost-effective way to give a room an update. This dark, rustic and dated space got a new coat of paint to employ this design tip to maximum effect. 


AFTER. Ty Larkins recommends repainting the walls, ceilings and brick floors to lighten and modernize spaces. 

Ty Larkins, of Ty Larkins Interiors in Baton Rouge, suggests tackling the largest surfaces in a space for a cost-effective way to give a room an update.

“Re-paint the walls and ceilings to current color schemes — or add or replace an existing area rug with something more up to date,” Larkins said. 

Larkins did just that with a space the firm designed in Baton Rouge.

“The previously dark, rustic and dated space employs this design tip to its maximum effect,” Larkins said. “Repainting the walls, ceilings and brick floors served to lighten and modernize the space without actually changing any of these surfaces.”  

Lastly, Albert Nolan, of Nolan-Kimble Interiors, said something as simple as changing pillows and bedding is a great idea as a refresh for all seasons.

“Changing pillows and bedding is economical way to change the mood,” Nolan said.