How To Reheat Your Olive Garden Leftovers Like A Pro

alfredo to go from Olive Garden

alfredo to go from Olive Garden – Olive Garden

Leave it to TikTok to develop a perfect way to reheat Olive Garden leftovers for maximum flavor and texture. While the microwave offers a convenient method for warming up food, it also leaves delicious Olive Garden pasta, breadsticks, and chicken parm sad and soggy. Fortunately, an industrious TikTok foodie has developed a better way to breathe new life into his leftover feast. Instead of a microwave, this technique calls for the use of your oven, stovetop, and air fryer to ensure the best possible outcome.

To begin, set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and put a little butter into an oven-safe bowl. Place the bowl on a baking sheet and set it inside the preheating oven to make the butter nice and melty. Now is the perfect time to load up your air fryer with items like chicken parmesan, toasted ravioli, and any other meat or appetizers remaining. However, you don’t want to turn on the air fryer just yet, as you have some pasta to attend to.

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Restore Olive Garden Pasta To Its Former Glory

Olive Garden lasagna and breadsticks

Olive Garden lasagna and breadsticks – Facebook

Reheating pasta, such as Olive Garden’s tasty fettuccine alfredo, can be a confounding affair. In this case, you’ll need a skillet, which should be placed on a stovetop burner set on low heat. Add the fettuccine, along with a little milk, and incorporate additional ingredients, such as extra seasoning and parmesan cheese, to elevate the flavor further. Once everything is mixed together and over the heat, keep your eye on the stovetop to prevent the fettuccine from burning. You’ll only need about two to three minutes for it to reach the correct temperature.

As for Olive Garden’s famous lasagna, this can be placed in the oven as you remove your butter (which should be melted by this point). Lasagna can be warmed on a baking sheet, alongside any leftover breadsticks. This is where the melted butter comes in, as you can brush it on top of the breadsticks to create a perfectly crispy exterior. You can also add more seasoning, or even a little bit of Parmesan cheese, to make them extra savory. It will take about five minutes or so for the breadsticks to reach the right temperature. Now you can turn your attention back to your air fryer.

Air Fryers Are The Perfect Appliance When Reheating Leftovers

Olive Garden chicken parm

Olive Garden chicken parm – Facebook

Air fryers are a great alternative to traditional frying techniques, as they imbue food with a crispy texture without the need for oil. They’re also capable of heating up food quickly, which is key when you’re eager to enjoy your remaining Olive Garden items.

With your chicken parmesan and toasted ravioli snug in the air fryer basket, set the device to 370 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the items in the basket aren’t too crowded, as this can prevent food from heating up evenly. If necessary, add leftovers to the basket in batches to ensure proper doneness. Once the air fryer reaches the right temperature, allow food to remain inside for about 10 minutes or so. It might take longer or shorter depending on the device, so use your best judgment.

At this point, all the separate components of your Olive Garden feast can come together to be enjoyed. While this method of reheating leftovers is a little labor intensive, it’s certainly worth the extra effort when you consider how delicious everything will taste.

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