Inside A Modern Living Room with Original Stained Glass Windows

Comprehensive home tours are wonderful and inspiring, but most of us decorate step-by-step, focusing on (and perfecting) specific areas at a time. In Anatomy of a Nook—Coveteur’s newest home series—we’re dissecting specific areas of a home and asking our stylish friends to break down the process behind their favorite nook, cranny, or corner of their homes.

Every now and then, you stumble upon architecture so monumental, little is needed by way of design. In a recent New Jersey project of interior designer Hilary Matt, her clients found a home framed in Tiffany (yes, that Tiffany & Co) gothic stained glass windows original to the 19th century build of the home. As any removal or alteration would be a crime, Matt instead oriented the living room decor around the light-bearing works of art. “We didn’t want any window treatments on the windows because of how beautiful they are, so we left those out in the final design,” she adds.

The owner, who hails from Miami, loves white and naturally wanted something bright and airy. So Matt incorporated cool-toned neutrals in modern, organic shapes to round out the space, leaving the original bookshelves and fireplace intact, as well. Below, Matt walks us through her entire approach to curating the room that somehow feels both tranquil and elegant.

hilary matt

“The overall goal was to make a fresh and new space while still keeping the original bones of the room that are so gorgeous. We wanted an elevated yet inviting room that the clients could entertain in without losing that wow-factor when you enter.”

“The home was built in 1865 by Alexander Jackson Davis and this Tiffany gothic stained glass adds such an element of character and luxury. These were actually original to the house—so amazing!”

“We kept the original bookshelves in the room and painted them a beautiful gray color. Additionally, we kept the original fireplace also and just changed out the marble for something more updated. We didn’t want any window treatments on the windows because of how beautiful they are, so we left those out in the final design.”

hilary matt

“The client is originally from Miami and loves white so she wanted to incorporate that into the room to give it a light and airy feel. The sofas are made of an outdoor fabric so they don’t need to worry about stains, which really adds to the functionality of the space—something that can still be achieved with white and bright colors.”

“We loved the vintage feel of the Vladimir Kagan sofa we used and wanted to also bring in some organic elements which we felt was achieved by the coffee table. Also, the Cuff Home Chairs brought in a fun element with the Art and Loom Ombre Rug.”

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