Since “The Little Mermaid,” interest in pool-related products has spiked

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It’s been just about a month since the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” opened in theaters, and the film is still making ripples. However, it’s not just “Little Mermaid” merchandise, such as toys and dolls, that are selling out; search queries for “swimming pool near me” have increased by 196% since the film was released. Is it just Disney’s new movie or is something else spiking interest?

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While it would make a great fairytale ending for the spike in interest in swimming and pool-related products to be solely the result of the popularity of Disney’s aquatic princess, many think the actual reason is a little more multifaceted. Yes, the movie has sparked the desire to swim “under the sea,” however, the world has also officially and fully reopened this summer. This means families are looking for fun, keep-cool social activities to do, such as swimming. As the temperatures climb throughout the season, it’s fair to assume this popularity will continue to rise.


As we have moved out of the pandemic and people are not as interested in short-term, temporary solutions, BestReviews is seeing buying trends shift towards more permanent options. Many industry watchers predict that the cost of getting a swimming pool is going to come down as we move forward, which is drawing people away from purchasing inflatable pools. Additionally, with the supply backlogs easing, the cost and availability of essential maintenance products are also expected to lessen. In short, this means owning a backyard family pool is going to become more desirable.


Already, this has been a huge year for automatic pool cleaners. According to Amazon sales data, during the early weeks of the season, robotic pool vacuum cleaners were among the top-selling products in the pool category.

Surprisingly, mermaid tails — both cloth and silicone options — have been extremely popular, as well. This trend suggests that Disney’s “Little Mermaid” is indeed responsible for much of the increased interest in water-themed products.


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