It’s time to rethink the focus of our bathrooms. These rooms so often become cluttered zones where we hurridly go through the rigors of our morning routine, but there is so much more potential in these rooms. Shifting the focus of the bathroom, you can turn it into a calming […]

Balancing Neoclassical and Futuristic Design: The Utopian Dream Bathroom Concept Courtesy of AXOR Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or Nowadays, the term “utopia” is used to describe an idea that seems unattainable —at least in the contemporary context— intrinsically related to philosophical, scientific, urbanistic, and architectural concepts, […]

Interested In Buying A Property? Click Here! Check Out Some Properties  Mirrors are essential elements in bathroom decor, serving both practical and aestheticmirror purposes. Beyond their utilitarian function for daily grooming and personal routines, mirrors have the power to transform the entire ambience of a bathroom. The choice of the […]

New Exhibit At Yale University Art Gallery Connects Renowned Contemporary Artist With Pre-Emancipation Era Portraits The first thing you notice is her eyes. A steady gaze meets the viewer, but the expression remains inscrutable. “Tell me,” I want to ask her, “please tell me everything. I’m listening.” But Rose Prentice […]

Soothing palettes or stylish art decor ideas, choose your favorite bedroom design to decorate. A quirky guide to transforming your personal space into the best bedroom! A cozy bedroom that is also swanky is something we all like to wake up to, don’t we? And remodeling is always an open […]

Whether it be a calm place to read or a space only for sleep, your room is a special place made just for and all about you! Here are some modern bedroom design ideas to help you keep the noise of life out, keep the clutter to a minimum, and […]