Kids’ bedroom design ideas can be funky, cute, creative, and bright. It is a lovely experience to turn a child’s bedroom into a magical place, where they can dream, play, and grow. Wall art is a huge part of this change as it lets a child’s imagination come to life. […]

When it comes to home renovation and redecorating, public-facing areas like living rooms and kitchens tend to be top of mind. The bedroom, meanwhile, often falls to the wayside. And while we certainly advocate for freshly painted kitchen cabinets and extra garlands for the mantel, it’s good to keep the […]

When parents begin designing their little ones’ rooms, it’s easy to get swept away by all “the stuff.” More often than not, bedroom design ideas for kids often begin with primary colors and end somewhere around the latest and greatest that Disney has to offer. Throw in a few hundred […]

When you think of a black bathroom design, you might think of opulence and a dramatic vibe. But these 7 bathroom design ideas curated from the archives of AD India traverse the design spectrum to bring not only luxurious sophistication but also earthy serenity, for a statement nook in your […]