David Austin Roses have been developed in England to have the fragrance and vigor of an aged-fashioned rose with the repeat blooming practice of a modern-day hybrid tea. Courtesy of David Austin Roses If your New Year’s resolution is to “Keep Growing” in any way other than wider, then make […]

The excellent backyard garden structure starts with you. It is centered on own likes and dislikes. It can be whimsical, abstract, geometrical, simple, vibrant or relaxing or a blend of components. What matters is that you are drawn into your surroundings with a peace in your soul. A garden should […]

The founder of a gardening school in Norfolk says she hopes that a new course will help to train up the region’s next generation of garden designers. Norfolk and Suffolk are home to some of the country’s most beautiful gardens, from shady city courtyards to landscaped grounds and everything in between […]

As we grow older, the inevitability of age catches up with us, and our bodies simply can’t do what they once did. Forget about running a marathon—though some beat the odds and do it—and forget about bench pressing 300 pounds. At some point, it becomes notably challenging to bend over […]

Go vertical to expand your outdoor gardening space, create privacy and add beauty to bare walls and fences. This centuries-old technique has been used to grow food and flowers, adding beauty and productivity from the ground up. Even those gardening on small city lots, balconies and decks can go vertical […]