A carefully designed bathroom layout is integral to a successful, fully functioning and long-lasting space that you’ll be happy with for years to come. So understanding your layout and working out how best to maximize the space is the first step when it comes to design. But how to deal […]

Bathrooms Basics: 6 Tips to Plan your Bathroom Plumbing and Layout Casa BTT / Salamanca Arquitetos. Image © Eduardo Macarios Share Share Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or https://www.archdaily.com/985820/bathrooms-basics-6-tips-to-plan-your-bathroom-plumbing-and-layout Although the design and layout of bathrooms we use nowadays date back millennia, they are still considered as one of the […]

Sometimes a clever bathroom hack is exactly what’s needed to solve your layout dilemmas. Bathroom design can be far from formulaic when it comes to choosing finishes and styles, but when it comes to where things go, it’s the tried and trusted ideas that many designers fall back on.  The […]

Jack and Jill bathrooms come pretty high on a must-have list for family homes. So much so, that once you’ve had one, the prospect of moving elsewhere without a similar space just isn’t worth thinking about. These bathroom ideas for Jack and Jill bathrooms help create a shared bathroom in […]

Everyone who has rented small apartments in the city has experienced at least one not-so-great awkward kitchen layout. Cramped spaces, poor judgement, and a general lack of care tend to result in annoying characteristics like cabinets that can’t open fully or an oven that knocks into the galley kitchen wall…  […]