Firefighters told WCNC Charlotte several factors made the battle much more difficult. Meanwhile, the owner and the community mourn the loss of a staple business. STANLY COUNTY, N.C. — Multiple crews spent their Friday afternoon battling a massive fire that broke out at the Morgan Chair factory in Stanfield, and […]

Last week, we published a story on Colorado pollinators that focused on the politics of how to support and get involved, including advocating for pollinator-friendly pest management. Here, we are focusing on how to design and plant for pollinators. The summary: Pollinators need food, water and shelter. Observe your microclimate […]

Gardening is an extremely therapeutic activity, and though I may not engage in it all the time, the few times that I have, I found it really delightful and soothing. Growing, tending to, and being surrounded by plants is intensely satisfying, all your worries slowly fade away, and you are […]

Courtesy of Maas Nursery Cultivate a thriving garden or design your next landscape with garden decor, flora and workshops at local plant nurseries and garden centers across Greater Houston. Whether you’re looking to start a succulent garden, seeking that rare exotic perfect for the Houston climate, or just trying to […]

It’s January, the time for Southern Californians to be pruning our roses, prepping our garden soil and admiring exotic camellia blooms at our botanic gardens and camellia shows happening this month and next. Roses need a good winter pruning to help them bloom strong in the spring. Just avoid tromping […]