The furniture placement rule I use in my small living room |

Furniture layout can make or break a room, but because it feels daunting to be inventive, we tend to put our couches and armchairs against the walls. Sure, this frees up floor space in the middle so you’re not banging into things as you pass through, but it also means you run the risk of making the room feel cold and uninviting. 

Whether we realize it or not, rooms with furniture right up against the walls often feel lackluster. They’re neither spacious nor welcoming, totally lacking in a focal point and, dare I say it, often look a bit like a waiting room.

If, like me, you’re blessed with a small living room, bring your furniture away from the walls and I promise it will feel better. Small living rooms come with lots of design dilemmas, but if you have the confidence to really own the space you can create a room with a big impact no matter the size. This is how.

living room with armchairs and coffee table

(Image credit: Future PLC)

The furniture placement rule I always follow in my small living room

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