When it comes to stylish storage, few systems rival open shelving. These minimalist units have dominated the kitchens of Instagram and some of our favorite designers in recent months – but what does the future hold? 

Despite their aesthetic appeal, some experts warn that days of the open shelving trend could be numbered. Interior experts are divided in their opinions over this stylish storage idea Will this kitchen staple maintain its allure, or will we shift towards a new storage solution? 

Is open shelving falling out of fashion in 2022? 

Open shelving by String in the kitchen

(Image credit: String Furniture)

Whether it is open shelving in the kitchen styled with glass storage jars or a color-coded recipe bookshelf, open shelving seems to be everywhere at the moment. However, while it might look great, interior designer Dan Wiener, who is an expert in storage, warns that the units don’t always work in reality.