Tim Taylor Quotes From Home Improvement That Haven’t Aged Well

There are times when it appears Tim Taylor doesn’t have a filter. In Season 1, Episode 24, “Stereo-Typical,” Tim goes off on a lengthy tangent, where he says, “To most people, saws just mean noise, wood chips. And maybe a missing finger or two. Not to me. To me, a saw says the sound of power, something a man can relate to. Yeah, this bad boy is raw power. This is a 3.5-cubic-inch chain saw. Automatic oil, manual chain style. Yeah, you won’t have this thing around too long before you hear the wife going, ‘Are you sure you’re supposed to have that running in the bedroom?’ You want to cut down on the noise, put some tape across her mouth. I’m kidding. Al, the women know I’m kidding, right?”

There’s a lot to unpack here. First and foremost, you don’t need to be a man to relate to power, from a machine perspective or otherwise. Secondly, taping your wife’s mouth so she can’t talk is abusive, to say the least.

Not every joke, despite a comedian believing otherwise, is funny. There’s a myriad of tasteless jokes throughout “Home Improvement,” and Tim Taylor is no stranger to making them. Ultimately, “Home Improvement” had a successful run on television, and, for all it’s worth, the series did have many entertaining moments. “Home Improvement” is still worth the watch, but you should be aware that there are many scenes that didn’t age well.

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