ukraine-based sirotov architects designs minimalist home in bali

from kiev to bali


Sirotov Architects unveils a proposal for a dwelling in Bali, combining the tropical atmosphere of its context with the brutalist concrete style popular amongst the studio’s native metropolis of Kiev. The crew aims to introduce a dwelling — entitled ‘mb3e’ — that is at after compact and ‘as isolated as doable.’ Performing in just these parameters, the architects visualize a residence with a footprint of only seventy-8 square meters. Alongside the developed area is prepared a furnished patio, comprehensive with a swimming pool, barbecue place, out of doors shower, place for parking, and a fire. 

sirotov bali

photographs © Sirotov Architects | @igor_sirotov_architects



the structure by sirotov architects


The architects led by Igor Sirotov elaborate on the spirit of the ‘mb3e’ home for Bali: ‘We generally use bare concrete in our projects, this is specifically what modern-day houses are made of, and this is the natural habitat of individuals.We think that this is a nice and cozy substance for a person, this structure is nice to seem at and contact.


The envisioned dwelling for Indonesia’s sunny island of Bali is created with an open up-beam design and a free of charge facade. This structural notion, by which the proposal is most acknowledged, will be at at the time decoratively and technically practical. The workforce proceeds: ‘We feel that this is a stunning element an no important to cover it. They link the complete line of properties into a holistic photo and give lovely shadows on the ground.

sirotov balinative plant-life is authorized to grow among the open framework by Sirotov Architects

sirotov bali
the dwelling opens onto a furnished patio and swimming pool

ukraine-based sirotov architects designs minimalist concrete architecture for bali
the conditioned area occupies a footprint of only seventy-eight sq. meters ukraine-based sirotov architects designs minimalist concrete architecture for balithe framework evokes the brutalist style of Kiev