Video Game Room Decoration Ideas for Gamers

If you’re a gamer, chances are having a good gaming setup in your room is one of your top priorities. And it should be! 

But if you’re having a tough time deciding on what type of things you could use to decorate your video game room, then you’re in luck!

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you some great Video Game Room Decoration Ideas for all types of gamers!

From having a good system to arrange your game collection to making your actual gaming setup cool and aesthetic, we’ll be talking about the best ways you can bring your gamer room come to life.

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With that, it’s time to dive in on some video game decorations you can implement in your room and help get your gamer setup to the next level!

  • Invest in some shelves or display cabinets for your games and game consoles

Before you start buying your RGBs and your big speakers, the very first thing you should do to get your video game room up to snuff is to invest in some good storage solutions for your games and your game systems or consoles.

It’s not a video game room without video games, of course.

But since we want to take your room to the next level, we want to prioritize having your video games part of your setup so display shelves or cabinets should definitely be on your list.

If you could find furniture, storage cases, desks, and TV stands that could double as both storage and displays for your games and consoles, the better! 

Now that we have our video games in order, the next thing we want to decide on is a theme. The best way to decorate your video game room is to have one overarching theme to all the decorations you choose to include in it. 

This will make the overall feel of your room cohesive and consistent in style. This will also help you narrow down the items you may want to purchase for your room, as you’ll now have a guide into what actually fits in the particular theme you’ve chosen.

Examples of themes could be Star Wars, minimalism, toy or action figure-themed, and many more! 

Now that we have a central theme in mind, the next thing you want to invest in is lighting. While RGB strip lights and lamps have become uber popular over the past two years, there’s no denying that they have a big impact of the overall vibe that your room could give off.

Investing in good mood lighting, some remote-controllable light bulbs, and other RGB lights can be an underrated MVP in making your video game room pop! 

One great tip we have for you once you have your lights is to focus your color choice with your lights to blue. Blue is a great color for a gaming room as it not only evokes a futuristic vibe, but it also makes the room feel calm and relaxing, things that a gaming room should be. 

  • Don’t skimp out on the audio and its aesthetic

One aspect of your video game room that you should not skimp out on is audio. While there could be instances where your PC or your television’s speakers may be serviceable, even getting just a cheap speaker solution will produce a much better audio experience when you play your games.

You may not realize it but sound plays a big part in the immersiveness and the overall quality of a video game. Therefore, having good audio is (and should be) a requisite consideration in any type of inclusion in your room.

The great thing about speakers nowadays is that many of them also prioritize aesthetics and looks, so you can definitely choose a set of speakers that fits well with your overall room. 

Whether it’s an all white pair of speakers, one that’s blacked out, or one that has a splash of color, speakers can be a great element in terms of decor in your video game room. 

And with that, we have now finished talking about some of the most important tips you should keep in mind when shopping for decorations when you start decorating your video game room. 

Don’t be afraid to try things out and experiment! This room is supposed to be where you should have the most fun, after all. Why not make the decorating experience fun too? 

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