5 Quiet Luxury Design Tips for Your Bedroom

Quiet luxury is the interior design trend that gives light to the saying, “Money talks, but wealth whispers.”

Sure, trendy furniture or decor emblazoned with designer labels will unequivocally convey that you have cash to spend. But a home that embraces elegant, high-quality, and—this is key—understated design is the true mark of luxurious living.

“You want to create a space that exudes refinement without overwhelming the senses,” says Rudolph Diesel, a London-based interior designer. “This gives you a subtle feel of luxury without the need for big, bold brands or features in your face.”

To help you incorporate this high-end style into your home, we’ve put together a guide of decorating tips and shopping recommendations that primarily focus on the bedroom. Here’s how to transform your sleeping quarters into a chic space that’s brimming with opulence in a subtle way.

1. Choose a neutral color palette

Photo by Amy Storm & Company

Quiet luxury isn’t about loud colors and over-the-top accents. Instead, it’s more about subtle shades that help create a feeling of elegance.

Keeping this in mind, Diesel suggests adopting a neutral color palette in your bedroom, which can help promote peace and tranquility while still being easy to style.

Opt for muted yet sophisticated tones like soft beiges, blush pinks, and dove grays.

2. Use natural and organic materials

Linen bedding


Try to steer clear of furniture and accessories made from manufactured wood or polyester materials. These items can look cheaply made and often don’t last long.

“Instead, utilize natural and organic materials that are long-lasting, eco-friendly, and cozy,” says Artem Kropovinsky, an interior designer and founder of Arsight, an interior design studio based in New York City. “These can impart texture and warmth to your bedroom.”

Higher-end materials include cotton, linen, silk, leather, wood, stone, and metal.

A go-to shop for Kropovinsky is Parachute, which carries a wide range of bedding, bath, and home essentials made from natural elements that are sourced ethically.

“Their offerings are uncomplicated, snug, and stylish,” he says.

One of his top-rated picks is the linen Venice set, which has a fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and a duvet cover.

“It’s made from 100% European flax linen that’s soft, breathable, and durable,” says Kropovinsky.

3. Commit to timeless, well-crafted items


(Restoration Hardware)

It might be tempting to scoop up cheaply made items just because they’re trendy. However, when it comes to quiet luxury, high-quality pieces that can last for years is the way to go.

“Invest in classic furniture, bedding, lighting, rugs, or accessories that can endure the test of time and never lose their appeal,” Kropovinsky says.

One of his favorite stores to buy top-of-the-line furniture is Restoration Hardware.

“Restoration Hardware is a brand renowned for its classic and contemporary home decor that is sophisticated and polished,” Kropovinsky says. “Their products are crafted from top-tier materials with exquisite craftsmanship and design.”

Kropovinsky’s top pick is the French contemporary dresser. It’s made from solid wood and features a streamlined silhouette.

“Available in various finishes and sizes, this dresser can impart elegance and provide storage in your bedroom,” he explains.

Another place to shop for pieces that fit the quiet luxury style is Serena & Lily.

“Serena & Lily is a brand specializing in coastal-inspired home decor that is bright, airy, and refined,” Kropovinsky says.

Their shops and site are full of gorgeous furniture, art, and more, but one of Kropovinsky’s favorite items is the Balboa headboard.

“This handcrafted rattan headboard is lightweight, robust, and fashionable,” he says. “It also adds texture and intrigue to your bedroom.”

4. Maintain a minimalist space

Photo by Devon Grace Interiors

Creating a space that’s all about quiet luxury isn’t a one-and-done deal. Instead, you need to make sure to keep your bedroom orderly and hold only the pieces you absolutely love.

“Edit out any redundant or distracting items, and establish a focal point or a statement piece in your bedroom,” says Kropovinsky.

Invest in elegant storage vessels (such as wooden trunks) to keep your space tidy if you like accumulating stuff. Sorting through your clothing and items every few months and donating what you don’t need also works wonders.

5. Incorporate personal touches

Photo by Studio Ness, LLC

When embracing the quiet luxury trend, it’s important to remember to incorporate one-of-a-kind, meaningful elements into your space.

“Art, books, plants, candles, or photos can infuse character and appeal into your bedroom,” says Kropovinsky.

Thoughtfully arrange some of your favorite coffee table books, sculptures, and candles on surfaces to give your space a unique edge.

To find items that exude quiet luxury, Diesel recommends visiting local artisan markets or boutiques. If you have none near you, Etsy is always a good source.

“When it comes to furniture and decor, I would explore high-end secondhand stores or antiques shops, where you can unearth vintage pieces with character and history,” Diesel says.

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