Barber Osgerby and Bette present BetteSuno: Elegant minimalism for sophisticated bathroom design

In collaboration with Bette, the British design studio Barber Osgerby has developed the exclusive BetteSuno bathroom collection. The new collection includes washbasins and a bath that combine visual lightness with the strength and durability of glazed titanium steel. With BetteSuno, minimalist bathrooms can be designed in architecturally sophisticated projects, including in private homes, hotels and restaurants.

At the centre of the BetteSuno collection are two circular, one-piece washbasins made of glazed titanium steel: a bowl washbasin and a floor-standing washbasin. As modern interpretations of the wash bowl, they share the same 340mm diameter inner, in which the basin tapers conically towards the waste outlet. Their design is extremely reduced and plays with the basic shapes of circle and cone. Nothing is superfluous, nothing distracts from experiencing the room architecture and the function of the bathroom products.

“The collection has a beautiful, handcrafted character and its sculptural qualities are emphasised by the circular and conical design,” says Edward Barber.

Floor-standing BetteSuno Basin  

A highlight in the BetteSuno bathroom collection is the floor-standing, 865 mm high “Pedestal” washbasin with its graceful and sculptural appearance. A round washbasin bowl cantilevers above a narrow, conically shaped pedestal, which almost looks as if it is floating in front of the wall. The pedestal is also made of glazed titanium steel and cleverly conceals the pipework and fixings and, thanks to its small “footprint”, takes up minimal space. The pedestal has space for a tap, which means a conventional basin tap can be used if required, as an alternative to a floor-standing or wall-mounted tap.

BetteSuno Bowl Washbasin

The BetteSuno bowl washbasin is also ideal for minimalist bathrooms, for example in washrooms in bars or restaurants. With its round shape, it sets its own aesthetic accent without pushing itself into the foreground. One basin can be placed on a vanity unit, or a number can be installed in a row on a washbasin top. Thanks to its precisely crafted underside, it sits on the surface almost seamlessly, whether it be wood, natural stone or another flat surface. Hardly any other bathroom material is capable of being produced with such flat surfaces, straight lines and precise angles as glazed titanium steel.

Jay Osgerby explains: “The form invites engagement, and its exactness is achieved through expert engineering and the use of enamelled steel, which is a far superior material for sanitary ware.”

Bath with symmetry and comfort

The pared-down design approach also characterises the freestanding oval bath that Barber Osgerby has designed for BetteSuno. The completely symmetrical design of the 1800 x 800 mm bath appears clear and harmonious and, with its vertically running exterior and wide, outwardly projecting rim, references classic bath design.

The protruding rim is flat, so that it can be used as a comfortable head and arm rest when bathing, as well as a shelf for toiletries. When standing up or sitting down, it serves as a grab rail, if required.  Ergonomically designed back slopes at each end, a generous interior and centrally positioned waste outlet ensure a high level of comfort when bathing alone or together.

With a great deal of attention to detail and understanding of material and function, Barber Osgerby and Bette have succeeded in bringing a minimalist design language into the bathroom with BetteSuno, which fits perfectly into sophisticated bathroom architecture. Complementing BetteSuno, Barber Osgerby has also designed fittings for AXOR in the same design language.

Available from October 2023, the bath and washbasins will initially be available in glossy white and matt white, with further colour variants in the pipeline.  Further washbasin variants are also in the pipeline. All will come with a 30-year warranty.

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