Bathroom With Unfortunate Toilet Seat Pattern Branded ‘Worst Design Decision’

You never quite know what décor you’ll find in someone’s house, with bold prints and patterns potentially lurking behind every door.

For those who rent, tenants often resort to smart ways to add personality without doing anything permanent, such as bright rugs and quirky shower curtains.

Non-invasive DIY can also be applied to other bathroom essentials, including rugs and toilet seats. Both can come in various colors and designs, with the latter the subject of an intense debate online.

A transparent toilet seat featuring a floral pattern has been branded the “worst design decision,” with the color and arrangement making it look as if the W.C. needs a thorough clean.

Redditor BuffyBoltonVampFlayr shared a snap of the bathroom to the site’s aptly named C***** Design forum.

“Transparent toilet seat and cover featuring ‘dried, dead flowers,'” they captioned the snap. Adding, possibly referring to another part of the house: “(Go with that ‘forest-y’ ‘unused’ mattress.”

The image has amassed nearly 20,000 upvotes since it resurfaced and was posted on Tuesday, as people rushed to the comment section to slam the pattern. The image can be seen here.

Dextrofunk admitted: “I had to zoom in before I even believed the title.”

RobLoach thought: “Transparent toilet seat seems like the worst design decision.”

-ifeelglorious- commented: “Hahahaha. would love to see their houseguest’s initial expressions.”

BackyardVillager pointed out: “Someone actually purchased that and installed it. Trashy.”

Logical_Session_2397 said: “Lol they definitely did this on purpose.”

LubLubz said: “Right design. Wrong location.”

Keep_a_Little_Soul added: “The idea was solid… The execution however… Made it look like something wasn’t…”

While UntamedAnomaly wrote: “I’ve seen awesome transparent toilet seats, this is not one of them.”

And Jb69029 pointed out: “Who’s the psychopath that put a new roll of TP on the freaking toilet brush???”

According to realtors Ellis & Co, there are many ways tenants can add some homely touches without falling foul of contracts.

They said houseplants, bold furniture and propping up artwork to protect walls are all ways to incorporate color without doing anything permanent.

While for buyers, website claimed the bathroom is one area which can add value to a property, stressing they should be “fresh and hygienic looking.”

Simple updates can give the room a cheap facelift, which includes ditching outdated colors.

Along with replacing tiles, adding fans for ventilation and a mirror, the website said: “Replace existing sanitaryware if it is chipped, badly stained, or an unfashionable color such as pink, avocado, peach or chocolate brown.”

File photo of a toilet.
File photo of a toilet. A toilet seat has been branded the !worst design decision” ever for its very unfortunate pattern.
Erich Karnberger/Getty Images

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