Jason Alexander’s Thoughts On This Bathroom Design Has Us All Thinking The Same Thing

Though there are quite a few schools of considered concerning the environmentally friendly bathtub stairway that is on everyone’s intellect, cat enthusiasts are bound to identify beautifully practical feline lodging when they see them. While it may perhaps be uncomplicated curiosity or a really like of h2o that drives your cat to be current every single time you bathe (for each Hepper), giving a route for your feline good friend is a great gesture, specially when the lip of your tub has negligible clearance. 

On the other hand, some Twitter commenters (who have obviously in no way been scratched by a very moist and frightened cat) have dissenting viewpoints. Some opine that the lavatory is in a basement apartment, and the miniature stairs are a clever feature created to provide the house up to code. Other people surmise that the stairs are actually tiny cabinets and provide the important operate of blocking off unsightly plumbing leftover from going the area of the bathtub. 

Though we may by no means know the correct origin of this lavatory, a person detail is for specified: Until there’s a loss of life-defying cat out there that necessitated this special structure, there ended up possibly quite a few humans who contributed to such an unlucky design and style.