As dad and mom, just one of the ideal methods to bond with your kids is for the duration of bathtub time. Aside from chest-to-upper body, bathtub time offers dad and mom a primary option to bond with their babies above bubbles and some of their favored toys. While it’s a lovely bonding instant, bathtub time can get pretty messy with h2o splashing all more than the ground.

Cleaning up the very same spills and messes on a daily basis can be a nuisance, but if you experienced a house that is equal parts fun and purposeful, this kind of as sticking your bathtub in your shower area, then the cleansing part isn’t a little something that you’d have to be anxious with really generally. Just just take a appear at mom and TikTok person @stephgath‘s bathroom layout to see accurately why you’d want this in your house!