Pennsylvania’s top DIY project saves an average $660, study finds

Not only can embarking on a little DIY project to improve your home swell your chest with pride, but it can also save you money otherwise spent on a contractor.

A new study has found the top DIY project people in each state are looking to do, with Pennsylvania’s saving residents quite a pretty penny.

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Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford is an award-winning TV show hosted by home improvement expert and contractor Danny Lipford. The program actually has expanded into a blog run by Lipford and his team, which provides articles and advice concerning the DIY industry.

A recent post to the Today’s Homeowner blog went into detail about how the most common DIY home improvement projects differ by state. These conclusions were drawn by first perusing through Google Trends data between August 2022 through July 2023.

Researchers then added in internal search traffic from the Today’s Homeowner “how to pages” for good measure. All the data was finally divided by location, and average scores, calculated.

The number one DIY project for Pennsylvania was found to be pasting wallpaper. The Keystone State was one of just four to have this type of home improvement as their most common, the others being Arkansas, Hawaii, and Vermont.

According to the study, homeowners can expect to save an average $660 by pasting wallpaper themselves; to hire someone would cost about $1,188 while a DIY project costs about $528.

However, the most cost-effective DIY project would be to build one’s own patio — the number one such project in just Louisiana and South Carolina — which saves a whopping average of $7,100.

The top DIY home improvement nationally was installing floors.

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