Those who cherish a calming ambiance are likely monitoring bedroom lighting ideas closely, with an eye toward outfitting their chambers with mood lighting for optimum relaxation. Gone are the days when a night-light seemed like sufficient decor for such a significant space. “Bedrooms are used for more than just sleeping,” […]

In some rooms, dim lighting can make a statement. In the dining room, it can set the mood for an intimate meal and in the bedroom, low lighting can take you seamlessly from day to night. There’s no rhyme or reason however, for a poorly lit bathroom. Bad bathroom lighting […]

Whereas some design errors can be easily rectified or even ignored, living room lighting mistakes can be impractical to live with, disruptive, and costly to remedy. Interior designers will often remark that living room lighting ideas are often low on the list of their customers’ design priorities, but the right […]

It’s been a bumper year for furniture and lighting launches. Milan Design Week was back in full swing, and other festivals the world over seemed to be bouncing back after a post-Covid break. It’s a good job, really, with so many more of us staying home and paying a renewed […]

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Living room wall light ideas can bridge the gap – beautifully, cleverly and with maximum impact – between a central ceiling light and low table lamps. A lounge boasting strategically placed lamps is just the […]