Country Living, Annie Sloan Pink bedrooms have something of an undeserved reputation, based on the assumption that pinks will always appear sugary, or are better suited to a child’s bedroom. But there are a myriad of pink tones that lend themselves to a rich and elegant design scheme. Pigmented pinks […]

Phil Crozier Your bedroom isn’t just where you sleep. With the right design, it can be a place where you bring your style and creativity to the forefront. If you’re unsure where to begin on your bedroom decorating journey, start by choosing a shade of two that you want to […]

Too often, decorating a pink room is limited to girls’ bedrooms. This, we think, is a waste of a wonderful color that needn’t be solely thought of as feminine. In fact, used well, pink can be elegant, sultry, as an accent, as an enveloping shade, and even in a living […]