Tennessee Couple Does Engagement Photos At Local Olive Garden & Everyone Thought It Was Italy

Getting swept up in the “wedding fever” and spending tens of thousands of dollars on the wedding and the many events that come with it can pretty easy to do, unless you get creative with some of the elements.

This couple wanted those “high-class pictures” for a “low-shelf price,” and decided that the perfect place to have their engagement pictures taken would be at a restaurant that offers that same “high-brow vibe” while still having affordable prices. There’s nothing like doing something on the cheap and not having anyone be able to tell.

It’s even better when you can trick people into thinking you are “fancy AF” (look it up, all the kids are saying that nowadays), when in fact, you took your photos in front of a Italian restaurant franchise location. Based on how the beautiful pictures turned out, you wouldn’t know it, and it might even start a trend.

Caden Mills and Carlsey Bibb decided to participate in the “fake it until you make it” lifestyle and had their engagement pictures taken in front of an Olive Garden right as the sun came up. You might be reading that and be skeptical, but let me assure you, they are wonderful.

The fake stone work and well-kept landscaping that Olive Garden restaurants have been known for in their “outdoor aura” made for the perfect backdrop for a romantic photoshoot. The photographer just had to be creative with angles so that they didn’t get the banner pinned up on the window saying “endless breadsticks and salad, all day, every day.”

Just a quick side note, there is nothing like the non-stop breadsticks and salad bowls at Olive Garden. To be honest, that is the highlight of the dining experience. Their actual entrees are usually pretty decent (the “Tour of Italy” makes me feel like I just rode down the canals of Venice), but what keeps you coming back is knowing that you basically can get all the salad and bread you could ever want.

And with how these pictures turned out, I’m not sure what else you could ever want out of engagement pictures either. They are truly breathtaking, and should be worth some sort of endorsement deal with this couple. Maybe free spaghetti for life? Make it happen Olive Garden.

The Today Show shined a light on the hilarious photo shoot in a recent post, and shared the lovely pictures of the couple with the caption:

“In 2022, instead of catching a flight to Lake Como, Carlsey Bibb and Caden Mills decided a 6 a.m. photoshoot in front of Olive Garden would suffice for their engagement pics.

And the results are stunning!”

@hunterlasheaphotography tennessee but with Italy Vibes✨ #engagementphotos #engagementphotoshoot #engagementpictures #bride #weddingtiktok ♬ original sound – Shea Cravens

And if you’re looking to get some photos done, give the photographer, Shea Cravens a call. Especially if you’re near Tennessee, where she is located.

Check it out:

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