The 20 Biggest Pool Companies in the United States 2022


Does the summer heat make you wish you’d installed a swimming pool? Installing a swimming pool is an investment that calls for research and narrowing down the list to a few worthy providers. Compare the price ranges, consumer ratings, and options for customization with our refined list of the 20 biggest pool companies in the US for 2022 featuring the highest consumer ratings and the highest volume of contracted jobs.

20. Pool Logic Annual Revenue: $5 million

Pool Logic is one of the largest pool companies in Southern California. The company specializes in assisting clients with the design and creation of customized swimming pools. In addition, they offer construction of outdoor living spaces and landscaping. Furthermore it’s the premier luxury swimming pool contractor and builder in the region, known for high-quality results. However, Pool Logic also crates customized patio covers, fire pits, lighting systems, water features, and outdoor kitchens. Experts meet with clients to help them design the details of their dream pools and outdoor living spaces.

19. Premier Paradise Annual Revenue: $5 million

Pool Nation Awards recommends Premier Paradise as a top expert in the pool building industry. It’s a family-owned company that offers custom-built pools. Customized pool designs are drawn up with construction plans set into place and followed for flawless execution of the design. The experts are Premiere Paradisse insist on perfection and attention to the extensive details of each plan. However, they’re among the few true Watershape designers in the state of Arizona.

18. Rondo Pools and Spas Inc. Annual Revenue: $6 million

Rondo Pools is an Arizona-based pool and spa company that specializes in custom pools, spas, and outdoor living spaces. The contractor has been in business for more than thirty years, helping homeowners and commercial clients design beautifully landscaped pools and outdoor projects to transform spaces into a water wonderland. After completing design plans with clients, the professionals at Rondo Pools detail the blueprints to code standards and the specifications of the clients, then start the construction process. However, they’ve served over ten thousand customers in Arizona throughout the years.

17. Swan Pools West Annual Revenue: $6.4 Million

Swan Pools has been in business since 1954. It’s one of the oldest pool companies in the United States. It’s built over 50,000 pools in the state of California since its inception. The company is an award-winning business for the quality of materials and construction. Furthermore, it serves the people of Santa Clarita, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles Counties. The business provides its clients with customized pool designs and collaborates with them from the start to the finish of the project. Swan Pools West also maintains relationships with the original owner to meet their maintenance and other pool-related needs.

16. Royal Swimming Pools Annual Revenue: $7 million

Royal Swimming Pools is among the largest pool construction companies in the USA with nationwide service. Its specialty is in durable fiberglass above-ground pool installations, with in-ground and hybrids of both available. Royal does not provide customized pools, but it offers a range of available pool designs to choose from, with Spa installation pricing well. Pricing is transparent and financing options are available. Most pools are premade in kit form for installation after the orders are completed.

15. River Pools Annual Revenue: $13.2 million

River Pools announced its move from number 32 in pool builders in the nation from 2018 through 2020, to the 14th top company in the industry. They specialize in the construction of swimming pools made of durable fiberglass material for various applications. It’s the largest premier pool construction company with customization options for interior finishes and add-ons to create one-of-a-kind pools and spas. The options are limited to fiberglass materials, but they’re experts in using the medium. It’s an expensive provider that does not offer financing options for its high-end premium swimming pool installations. River Pools is available in 16 states.

14. Juliano’s Pools Annual Revenue: $11.3 million

Brian Juliano founded his pool company in Connecticut and expanded the operation from a small company to a multi-state business with more than sixty employees. His license extends through Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Thode Island per Excelite. Each project starts with a consultation with the client, going over the basic design and adding customizations. Juliano is a Legacy Edition Certified Pool Builder, with high marks for quality and customer satisfaction. The price of Juliano’s Pools ranges from $100,000 to $5 million.

13. Gold Medal Pools Annual Revenue: $15.5 million

Gold Medal Construction is a large pool company that builds residential and commercial pools. The company helps clients with a customized pool design, providing estimates for cost and timelines for the construction and installation of pools, spas, pool decks, landscaping, and outdoor kitchens. Gold Medal Pools also serves commercial entities in building playgrounds and amenity bu8idings with water features, hardscapes, and water slides. It specializes in total site development and beyond. In addition, gold Metal Construction and Pools offers commercial pool cleaning and maintenance services. The company has been in business for more than fifty years in the Dallas, Texas area.

12. Claffey Pools Annual Revenue: $19 million

Claffey Pools is one of the largest pool builders in Southlake, Texas. It’s a company that specializes in the design and construction of luxury swimming pools and spas. Furthermore, Claffey’s expert design team meets with clients to discuss their dream pools and water enhancements for residences, draft preliminary plans, and fill in the details to bring them up to local codes, and guarantee years of trouble-free use. Claffey’s experts are willing to help design swimming pools to meet the specifications of their clients, in every size and shape. Claffey also provides pool renovation services and works with commercial clients.

11. California Pools for comprehensive customization Annual Revenue: $22 million

California Pools is another large pool company that provides concrete pool construction, remodeling, landscaping, and custom decking. It’s an installation service that specializes in small or large products that range from swimming pool construction to complete landscaping makeovers and the construction of outdoor living areas. California Pools offers customized pool designs with services available in 7 states with financing options available. The company established a solid reputation with over 65 years in the industry, with projects completed within budget and on time in 98 percent of the cases. The only drawback to signing California Pools is that it is limited in its reach without national coverage in all areas.

10. Van Kirk & Sons Pools & Spas Annual Revenue: $29,920,000

Van Kirk & Sons is a Florida-based pool company that specializes in constructing inbuilt pools for residential and commercial clients. The company first opened its doors for business in 1975. With more than 45 years in the pool and spa design and construction industry, the team of top-notch experts meets with clients to plan their luxury dream pools with full customization down to the details, working with clients in each step of the process to ensure complete satisfaction. Customers are informed of each step in the process from brainstorming to completion and beyond. The average cost of a standard inbuilt pool from Van Kirk & Sons Pools & Spas is $87,506. The company also specializes in spa installation and creating other outdoor structures and landscapes.

9. American Pools and Spas Annual Revenue: $31.5 million

American Pools and Spas is an Orlando, Florida-based construction company that specializes in the installation of swimming pools, spas, and outdoor landscaping structures and environments. It’s been in business since 1999, and although it’s had its share of ups and downs financially, the company is solid as one of the top twenty in the nation. The company has seen rapid growth in its revenues from 2018, rising from $25 million in annual revenues to its current $31.5 million. The Orlando Business Journal named American Pools and Spas the “Ultimate Newcomer” in its list of the Golden 100 Central Florida top-privately held firms for 2019. In addition, the owner, Ben Evans became the Florida Swimming Pool Association’s president.

8. SSG Pools Annual Revenue: $34,181,976

Billerica, Massachusetts is the home base of SSG Pools, one of the top ten biggest pool companies in the United States. It’s the largest in the New England states and a dominant contractor within the Northeastern part of the USA. The average price of SSG Pools’ high-end luxury pools is $119,500.They’ve been in business since 1975, specializing in Gunite Pools. Finally, SSG has more than 45 years in the pool building industry, installing more than 10,000 residential swimming pools across six Northeastern states.

7. Presidential Pools, Spas, and Patio Annual Revenue: $35 million (Gross sales $68.65 million)

This company is based in Arizona, with four locations to serve customers in the state. It’s been listed as one of the top three pool contractors in the state. Presidential Pools, Spas, and Patio serve residents in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. It’s installed more than 30,000 Pools in the area with 4 locations throughout Arizona. The average pool price is $46,058. It’s been in business since 1991, building and installing, swimming pools, spas, and patios. Furthermore, Presidential will customize your pool and patio ideas to build a unique outdoor landscape.

6. Coast to Coast Pools Annual Revenue: $38,617,245

coast to Coast Pools is based in Sarasota, Florida. It’s a leader in the pool construction industry, known for the premium-quality inbuilt styles it offers. It made the top ten list of the best service provider in the nation. The average cost paid for a project is $50,206, which is among the lowest in the nation. It’s a powerful company that is taking its share of the market for the swimming pool industry in the USA. However, if you’re looking for dependable pool installation, it’s one of the top ten in the nation.

5. Riverbend Sandler Pools Annual Revenue: $ 41.7 million

Riverbend Sandler Pools is a premier pool builder with revenues that fluctuate between $27 and $41.7 million over the past few years. The business is based in Dallas, Texas with 89 employees, serving the Northern Region of the state of Texas. The prices for its upper-end pools start at $92,700, but the cost doesn’t dissuade homeowners. The quality of Riverbend Sandler Pools’ work is also premium. However, the company opened its doors for business in 1975, winning multiple awards for its pool design and construction. It’s also known for premium renovation, pool repair, and cleaning services with unrivaled customer service and support for clients. The design team works with clients to choose the layout of their dreams, and the construction crew turns those dreams into realities.

4. Keith Zars Pools Annual Revenue: $61,371,746

Keith Zars Pools is a premier pool construction company in San Antonio, Texas. The company specializes in custom pools and landscaping projects. The average cost of a project is $104,581. The team of professional designers and engineers takes the time to meet with each client to discuss their ideas for a customized dream pool. However, they create the blueprints and construct the pool to client specifications to turn their dreams into realities.

3. Blue Haven Pools Annual Revenue: $74.3 million

Blue Haven Pools is one of the biggest pool companies in the United States. This company received recognition as one of the Top 50 Builders nine times. Blue Haven operates in 23 states, specializing in customized pools made of a choice of fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl. The company offers pool remodeling as well, and financing options are available. Blue Haven specializes in creating swimming pools equipped with “smart features.” The company explains that its ultra-luxurious models may feature pool control panels with remote control features for its heaters, pumps, vacuums, filtration and jet systems, and LED eco-friendly lights. Finally, they offer a broad range of cleaning, equipment, sanitation, and smart-control systems.

2. Cody Pools Annual Revenue: $84,358,897

Cody Pools is a Texas-based pool company serving the cities of San Antonio and Austin with eight locations. This company is known for its low prices for designing and constructing pools for residential and commercial customers, operating with a workforce of approximately 240 employees. Its website proudly announced its tenth consecutive year of being named the #1 Pool Builder in the nation by Pool and Spa News It’s won multiple awards since its founding in 1994, with more than 30,000 swimming pools installed. Cody Pools expanded its offices throughout the states of Texas, Arizona, and Florida. However, CP is named one of the top-rated construction companies for setting the “example of how to run a successful building company.”

1. Premier Pools & Spas Annual Revenue: $323 million

Premier Pools & Spas is a pool company based in Sacramento, California, and has locations in Dallas and Houston, Texas, and is admired as the “best pool builder” in America, per Pool Magazine. It is the number one pool design and construction company in annual revenue. However, its reputation for creating a luxurious and exclusive pool and spa installation, transforming residential and commercial landscapes for its clients is exemplary.

Premier Pools and Spas earned a rank among the Top 50 Pool companies for years, with fluctuations in its placement. It’s appeared as a feature on the DIY reality show “Pool Kings” for the past few years. However, since its founding in 1988, Premier Pools has installed over 70 placements throughout the US annually. The average price clients pay is $67,678 for their customized pool and spa projects. Finally, the headquarters are currently in Rancho Cordova, California.

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