Page Turner of ‘Fix My Flip’ Reveals 5 Fun, Easy Design Risks Worth Taking

In flipping, every house and project is different. But on the latest “Fix My Flip,” Page Turner gets a case of déjà vu when she renovates a home with the same layout—and even the same team—as a past flip.

In the Season 2 episode “Taking the Flipping Reins,” Turner meets up with Ken and Reggie, two flippers she worked with in a previous episode. After finishing their last flip in Whittier, CA, the friends and business partners got the opportunity to buy the house next door. Now, they’re hoping Turner can help them renovate this $515,000 home with a $50,000 budget.

Turner is happy to help, as long as she gets free rein on the design. And unlike the other home which had a more subtle design, Turner decides to give this 1956 home “a mod ’60s feel” with fun retro finishes. Check out how she pulls this off, with lessons that might inspire some changes around your own abode.

1. A colorful front door sets the tone

Before: The exterior was messy and unwelcoming.


When Turner first sees this house, she isn’t wild about the exterior. The foliage is overgrown, and the paint is cracked. She makes sure to clean up the yard and pays extra attention to the new color of the front door.

“One of the most important curb appeal decisions is the front door,” she explains.

After: Now, this house looks clean and bright.


Turner paints the door yellow and loves how its sunny hue brings the whole exterior together.

When Michelle, a real estate agent, tours the house, she loves the improvements.

“It looks beautiful. The grass is great. I love the muted colors, the gray and the yellow, it looks good,” she says.

2. A bold backsplash can make or break a kitchen

Before: This kitchen was a blank slate.


Turner decides to go bold and bright in the kitchen with a “school bus yellow” backsplash tile that she says is “old school.”

“Boom, it’s bold,” Turner tells her contractor. “It’ll jump out, it’ll last for many years to come. Very classic look and feel.”

yellow tile
After: Page Turner chose yellow tile for this space.


While perhaps not everyone is brave enough to try a yellow kitchen, this tile shows that using bold colors can really pay off. This tile gives the space a fun, retro feel that will stand out to buyers.

Michelle is also impressed by the kitchen.

“It’s very inviting, and I feel like people who love to be in the kitchen will love to be in this kitchen,” she says.

3. Open shelves can show off choice items

open shelving
Open shelving is a great way to show off midcentury items.


While the backsplash tile looks great, there’s another section of the kitchen that needs work: the pantry. Turner says the inlet is too small to put doors on, so she decides to add open shelving.

“What I’m thinking are a few shelves to provide an open storage option or even display some retro tchotchkes,” she says. “These shelves will be a practical and functional feature for any future homeowner.”

4. A feature wall makes a plain living room feel fun

living room
Before: The living room was dull and dated.


To continue her colorful theme, Turner decides to create a feature wall in the living room.

“I’m thinking about creating a stunning feature wall by painting the fireplace white and then contrasting it with a bright turquoise wall,” she says when walking through the house with her contractor. “Like, very ’60s Palm Springs. Then we’ll add some vintage ’60s artwork along with some other furniture to pull it all together.”

feature wall
After: A teal feature wall brightens up the space.


When Michelle tours the house, she says she’s “wowed” by the fireplace and feature wall.

“This pop of color is the first thing I notice,” she says.

5. Wallpaper can be an easy fix

Before: Turner wanted to make this bathroom bold.


Turner also wants to make a bold statement in the primary bathroom, so she puts up a wallpaper that is “very classic, very retro ’60s.”

“I’m taking my chances again and going bold,” Turner says. “Anything that can make this house stand out and attract the attention we want, that’s what I’m focused on.”

After: Black and floral wallpaper is a unique choice in a bathroom.


Unfortunately, when Michelle sees the space, she says she “doesn’t love” the look. Still, Turner defends the design.

“I love this wallpaper, and if somebody doesn’t like it, it’s an easy fix,” she says. “It’s not going to stop anyone from buying this house, especially if they like the other permanent things that we did here.”

Does Page Turner fix this flip?

Before buying the house for $515,000, Turner, Ken, and Reggie agree to split costs and profits 50-50.

After spending $50,000 on the renovation, they sell the house for the full asking price of $735,000. That’s a profit of $170,000 to split between Turner, Ken, and Reggie. It’s a fantastic profit on a smart flip!

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